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The Interns The Interns The Interns
(Roger Smith & Don Bass) (Tom Andrews & Jim Starr) (Kenneth & John Moore)
w/Troy Graham w/Ken Ramsey w/Dr. Master Curtiss
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SIU Tag Team titles
Interns Picture #2

  • 1968: The ORIGINAL Interns were Joe Turner & Bill Bowman (aka Joe & Bill Sky) w/Dr. Jerry Graham in the Gulf Coast territory..
  • Late 1968: The Interns were unmasked by Don Carson & Dick Dunn..

  • January 1970: The Interns (Jim Starr & Billy Garrett) w/Ken Ramsey debuted in Tennessee for Nick Gulas..
  • ~~~Late 1971: The Interns (Jim Starr & Tom Andrews) w/Ken Ramsey returned to Tennessee..
  • ~~~~~Late 1968: Jim Starr & Tom Andrews first started out as the Medics in Florida..
  • ~~~~~The Interns (Jim Starr & Tom Andrews) held the Central States Tag Team titles three times during their 1974-75 run..
  • ~~~~~Tom Andrews returned in 1976 (after the team left the promotion in 1975) as Super Intern..

  • 1984: The Interns (Roger Smith & Don Bass) w/Troy Graham appeared in Memphis..
  • ~~~Smith & Bass also wrestled in Memphis as The Masked Assassins and Fire & Flame..
  • ~~~~~These Interns won the Memphis Southern Tag Team titles an amazing nine times!

  • There was another version of the Interns in Tennessee played by Kenneth & John Eddie Moore managed by Dr. Master Curtiss..