Wrestler: Infynity
Real Name: Kelly Clift
Birthday: October 3
Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama
Marital Status: Living with Boyfriend Sinn
Height & Weight: 5'7 - 130 lbs
Trained by: Nick Dinsmore
Debut: March 2001
Previous Gimmicks: TNA Cage Dancer
Finishing Move: Infynisher (DDT)
Favorite Moves: Tornado DDT
Notable Feuds: Angel Williams
Christie Ricci (Memphis)

  • June 2001: Infynity began training at Ohio Valley Wrestling..
  • 2002: Infynity started working for NWA-TNA as a Cage Dancer for Wednesday Night Pay Per Views..
  • July 2004: Infinity began working for Jerry Lawler in Memphis, Tennessee..
  • December 2004: Infynity had her first tryout with WWE with another tryout to come soon..