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Faction: House of Humperdink
Members: Oliver Humperdink
"Bad Bad" Leroy Brown (1982)
Greg Valentine (1982)
Paul Jones (1982)
Kevin Sullivan
Kareem Muhammad
Hercules Hernandez
Lord Humongous
Masked Nightmare
Abdullah the Butcher
Gene Anderson
Bruiser Brody
Jos LeDuc
Great Muta
Ivan Koloff
One Man Gang
"Maniac" Matt Bourne
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Harley Race
Lex Luger
Roddy Piper

  • Oliver Humperdink ran a faction known as "House of Humperdink" in NWA Central States in Kansas City..
  • ~~~One of the main residents of the House of Humperdink was Lord Humongous, who was played by Sid Vicious..
  • ~~~May 1985: Oliver led the Masked Nightmare to a three-month reign as North American Champion..
  • The House of Humperdink also made its way into other territories, such as Toronto, Florida, Mid-Atlantic..