Team: The Hollywood Blondes
Members: Stunning Steve Austin
Flyin Brian Pillman
Titles: WCW Tag Team Titles
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Stars & Stripes
Ricky Steamboat
Shane Douglas

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  • January 13, 1993 - Clash of the Champions #22: Shane Douglas & Ricky Steamboat defeated The Hollywood Blondes to retain..
  • February 21, 1993 - Superbrawl III: The Hollywood Blondes (Pillman & Austin) defeated Erik Watts & Marcus Alexander Bagwell..
  • March 2, 1993: Brian Pillman & Steve Austin defeated Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas to win the WCW World Tag Team titles..
  • June 16, 1993 - Clash of the Champions #23: Ric Flair & Arn Anderson beat Brian Pillman & Steve Austin in two straight falls..
  • ~~~The Hollywood Blondes retained their titles because the second fall was a Disqualification (title does not change hands on DQ)..
  • July 18, 1993 - Beach Blast: The Hollywood Blondes defeated Arn Anderson & Paul Roma..
  • August 18, 1993: Arn Anderson & Paul Roma defeated Steve Austin & Steven Regal (sub for Pillman) for the World Tag Team titles..
  • November 10, 1993 - Clash of the Champions #25: Steve Austin defeated Brian Pillman in a Grudge match..
  • 1997: Steve Austin and Brian Pillman met up again in the WWF and engaged in a brief but brutal feud!
  • October 5, 1997: Brian Pillman tragically died in his hotel room at the age of 35..
  • Steve Austin learned the art of the interveiw from Brian Pillman..