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Wrestler: Hiroshi Hase
Real Name:
Birthday: May 5, 1961
Hometown: Koyabe, Toyama, Japan
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'1" - 233lbs
Trained by: The Hart Family
Debut: December 27, 1987 vs Miguel Perez Jr
Previous Gimmicks: "Northern Lights"
Finishing Move: Giant swing
Favorite Moves: Northern lights suplex
Reverse STF
Uranage (Golden Arm Bomber)
Notable Feuds: Owen Hart
Jushin 'Thunder' Liger
El Samurai
Kensuki Sasaki
Mitsuharu Misawa
Yuji Nagata

  • IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title (2):
    • Kuniaki Kobayashi (12/27/87) / Owen Hart (5/27/88)
    • Shiro Koshinaka (3/16/89) / Jushin Thunder Liger (5/25/89)

  • IWGP Tag Team Title (4):
    • (w/ Kensuke Sasaki) Keiji Muto & Masahiro Chono (11/1/90) / Super Strong Machine & Hiro Saito (12/26/90)
    • (w/ Kensuke Sasaki) Super Strong Machine & Hiro Saito (3/6/91) / Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner (3/21/91)
    • (w/ Keiji Muto) Rick Steiner & Scott Norton (11/5/91) / Big Van Vader & Bam Bam Bigelow (3/1/92)
    • w/ Keiji Muto) Hawk Warrior & Power Warrior (11/24/94) / Vacated (5/11/95)

  • WCW International Heavyweight Title (1):
    • Rick Rude (3/16/94) / Rick Rude (3/24/94)

In The Beginning:
  • 1984: Hiroshi Hase represented Japan at the Los Angeles Olympic Games at Greco-Roman wrestling placing 9th..
  • Hiroshi Hase began his pro career wrestling in Calgary, teaming with Fumihiro Niikura under masks as the Viet Cong Express..

    New Japan Pro Wrestling:
  • December 1987: Hiroshi Hase debuts in Japan defeating Kuniaki Kobayashi for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title..
  • Hiroshi Hase was assistant booker to Riki Chosyu in New Japan Pro Wrestling for a while..
  • July 1995: Hiroshi Hase became a member of the government, being elected into the Upper House..
  • January 4, 1996: Hiroshi Hase defeated by Kensuki Sasaki in Hase's 'retirement' match..

    All Japan Pro Wrestling:
  • Hiroshi Hase shocked the wrestling world when he returned to wrestling, but with All Japan Pro Wrestling!
  • August 26, 1997: Hiroshi Hase was defeated by Kenta Kobashi..
  • May 1, 1998: Hiroshi Hase was defeated by Jun Akiyama..
  • May 9, 1999: Hiroshi Hase was defeated by Toshiaki Kawada..
  • August 30, 1999: Hiroshi Hase was defeated by Vader..
  • September 4, 1999: Hiroshi Hase was defeated by Akira Taue..
  • January 9, 2000: Hiroshi Hase was defeated by Mitsuharu Misawa...
  • June, 2000: Hiroshi Hase was re-elected..

    New Japan Pro Wrestling:
  • March 7, 2001: Hiroshi Hase returned to New Japan Pro Wrestling..
  • Hiroshi Hase joined former tag team partner, Keiji Muto, in his Bad Ass Translate Trading faction..
  • June 6, 2001 - New Japan's PPV: Hiroshi Hase wrestled a 40 minute exhibition mat wrestling against Keiji Muto..
  • October 8, 2001 - Tokyo Dome: Yuji Nagata & Jun Akiyama defeated Hiroshi Hase & Keiji Muto defeated..

  • Hiroshi Hase is a member of the Japanese diet, their version of the Senate, & still wrestles on occasion..
  • Hiroshi Hase is known as one of the least selfish wrestlers in history of the industry..
  • October 27, 2002 - AJPW PPV: Satoshi Kojima defeated Hiroshi Hase with a lariat..