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Family: The Hillbilly Family
Members: Hillbilly Jim
Granny Kim
Uncle Elmer
Cousin Junior
Cousin Luke
Titles: None
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Roddy Piper

  • The Hillybilly Family was completely fictional and none of the members are actually related..
  • Hillbilly Jim was the first Hillbilly to hit the scene in the WWF..
  • Hillbilly Jim was introduced to fans through a series of skits featuring "Granny Kim"..
  • ~~~Granny Kim was fasioned after the Grandma from the Beverly Hillbillies TV series..
  • ~~~The "At Home on the Farm" segments showed Jim training by wrestling his dog on an old matress in the kitchen..
  • A few months later, Jim suffered a leg injury that kept him out of action for quite some time..

  • Uncle Elmer soon debuted to join forces with Jim..
  • Uncle Elmer was married on Saturday Night's Main Event..
  • Wrestlemania II: Adrian Adonis defeats Uncle Elmer..

  • Cousin Junior (Lanny Keane, Jr) soon showed up as well to add to the Family..
  • Cousin Junior was clumbsy, slow-moving, and not too bright, but used the Mule Kick to his advantage..
  • Cousin Junior carried a horseshow inside a smelly old sack..
  • Cousin Junior was permanently put out to pasture after just a few months..

  • Cousin Luke came along to join in with the Hillybilly fun..
  • Cousin Luke's gimmick was that he didn't know how to wrestle..
  • Cousin Luke never spoke or showed ANY sort of emotion..

  • The Hillbillies (Jim, Elmer & Luke) were put in a string of six-man-tag matches..
  • The Hillbillies eventually wore out as Luke dissappeared and Elmer (Stan Frazier) retired due to health problems..

  • Hillbilly Jim continued wrestling in the WWF for a few years, until a neck injury forced him to retire..
  • Hillbilly Jim stayed with the federation as a spokesman for Coliseum Video..
  • Hillbilly Jim returned in 1995 to manage yet another hillbilly "family," Henry & Phinneas Godwinn..

  • Cousin Junior and the Giant Hillbilly (Uncle Elmer) briefly held the tag team title in Memphis..
  • Cousin Junior would make a few appearances in Dallas’ World Class and Memphis’ CWA before simply fading into oblivion..

  • Cousin Luke (Lanny Keane, Jr) later returned, 50 pounds heavier, as one of the USWA Moondogs..
  • Cousin Luke continues his violent ways in Southern indies as Bloody Ox Brody..