Team: The Samoan Swat Team
The Head Shrinkers
Members: Fatu
Samoan Savage
Manager: Paul E. Dangerously
Manager: Sir Oliver Humperdink
Manager: Afa
Manager: Capt Lou Albano
Debut: 1988 (in WCCW)
1992 (WWF)
Titles: WWF Tag Team Titles
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves: Diving Heatbutt
Notable Feuds: Michael Hayes & Steve Cox
The Midnight Express
The Steiner Brothers
The Bushwhackers
The Smoking Gunns
The Quebecers
Official Website: http://typhoonmedia.com/Head/

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World Wrestling Council:
  • November 7, 1987: The Samoans (Samu & Fatu) defeated Invader 1 & 3 in a Tournament Final to win the Caribbean Tag Titles!

    World Class Championship Wrestling - The Somoan Swat Team:
  • Fatu started off in the World Class territory in Dallas, Texas, where he teamed with his cousin, Samu as the Somoan Swat Team..
  • August 12, 1988: The Samoan Swat Team defeated Kerry & Kevin Von Erich to capture the World Class Tag Team titles!
  • September 16, 1988: Michael Hayes & Steve Cox defeated The SST for the World Class Tag Team titles..
  • September 19, 1988: The SST defeated Michael Hayes & Steve Cox to recapture the WCCW Tag Team titles..
  • October 15, 1988 - Cotton Bowl Extravaganza: Michael Hayes & Steve Cox defeated The SST again to win the Tag Team titles..
  • October 17, 1988: The SST defeated Michael Hayes & Steve Cox to win their 3rd World Class Tag Team titles!
  • December 13, 1988 - SuperClash III: The Samoan Swat Team defeated Michael Hayes & Steve Cox to retain the Tag Team Titles..

    National Wrestling Alliance - The Somoan Swat Team:
  • 1989: The SST (Somoan Swat Team) moved to the NWA, where they were managed by Paul E. Dangerously..
  • ~~~Soon after, Oliver Humperdink took over as their manager..
  • April 2, 1989 - Clash of the Champions VI: Samoan Swat Team defeated The Midnight Express..
  • May 7, 1989 - WrestleWar: Dynamic Dudes (Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace) defeated The Samoan Swat Team..
  • June 14, 1989 - Clash of the Champions VII: The Midnight Express defeated The SST in the 1st round of a 4-Team Tournament..
  • July 23, 1989 - Great American Bash: Road Warriors/Midnight Express/Steve Williams beat Freebirds & The SST in WarGames..
  • September 12, 1989 - Clash of the Champions VIII: The Road Warriors defeated The Samoan Swat Team..
  • The Samoan Swat Team added a third member to the team --- Tama, The Samoan Savage..
  • October 28, 1989 - Helloween Havoc: The Samoan Swat Team & Samoan Savage beat The Midnight Express & Steve Williams..
  • December 13, 1989 - Starrcade: The Samoan Savage & Fatu defeated Doom in the 1st Round of the Iron Team Tournament..
  • ~~~Fatu/Savage beat The Steiners in the 2nd Round, but lost to the Road Warriors in the Finals!
  • May 19, 1990 - Capital Combat: Fatu & Samoan Savage defeated Mike Rotunda & Tommy Rich..
  • June 13, 1990 - Clash of the Champions XI: Tom Zenk & Mike Rotunda defeated Samoan Savage & Fatu..
  • ~~~The Somoan Swat Team left the NWA and toured the indy circuit..

    World Wrestling Federation - The Headshinkers:
  • 1992: The Headshrinkers (Fatu & Samu-formerly the SST) debuted in the WWF managed by Afa..
  • October 12, 1992 (aired 7/11/92): The Headshrinkers defeated Joey Maggs & Brian Costello in a squash match..
  • November 24, 1992 - Survivor Series: The Headshrinkers defeated High Energy (Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware)..
  • January 24, 1993 - Royal Rumble: Fatu entered the Royal Rumble at #22 but was eliminated by Bob Backlund..
  • April 4, 1993 - WrestleMania IX: The Steiner Brothers defeated The Headshrinkers..
  • June 13, 1993 - King of the Ring: The Steiner Brothers & Smoking Gunns defeated the Headshrinkers & Money Inc..
  • August 30, 1993 - SummerSlam: Tatanka & The Smoking Gunns defeated Bam Bam Bigelow & The Headshrinkers..
  • November 24, 1993 - Survivor Series: A Team Comprised of all Doinks beat Bam Bam & The Headshrinkers & Bastion Booger..
  • January 22, 1994 - Royal Rumble: Fatu & Samu interfered in the Undertaker/Yokozuna Casket Match helping Yokozuna..

    World Wrestling Federation - The Headshinkers II:
  • After the heel run was over, Capt. Lou Albano joined the group and the Headshrinkers turned face..
  • April 26, 1994 - RAW: The Headshrinkers defeated The Quebecers for the WWF World tag team titles..
  • June 16, 1994 - King of the Ring: The Headshrinkers defeated Yokozuna & Crush to retain the Tag Team Titles..
  • The Headshrinkers defended their titles against the Quebecers, Smoking Gunns during their 4 month title reign..
  • Afa often joined the Headshrinkers in six man tag matches against The Quebecers and their manager Johnny Polo in house shows..
  • August 28, 1994 - Live Event: Shawn Michaels & Diesel defeated The Headshrinkers to win the Tag Team Titles..
  • August 29, 1994 - SummerSlam: Bam Bam Bigelow & IRS defeated The Headshrinkers by DQ when Afa attacked Bam Bam Bigelow..
  • Samu left the WWF (due to rumored health problems), and is replaced by Sionne (who was known world wide as the Barbarian)..
  • November 23, 1994 - Survivor Series: Razor Ramon/Headshrinkers/Bulldog/123 Kid beat Diesel/Neidhart/Owen Hart/Michaels/Jarrett..