Team: The Headbangers
Members: Mosh & Thrasher
Debut: 1996
Finishing Move: Stage Dive
Favorite Moves: Mosh Pit
Notable Feuds: The Oddities

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  • HWA Tag Team title;
  • ICW Streetfight Tag Team title;
  • NEWF Tag Team title (3);
  • MECW Tag Team title;
  • NWA Tag Team title;
  • MCW Tag Team title;
  • WWF Tag Team Titles;

  • World Wrestling Federation - The Headbanger:

  • World Wrestling Federation - Headbanger Reunion:
  • October 10, 1999 - Sunday Night Heat: Steve Blackman defeated Chaz when Marianna tried to get Chaz arrested again!
  • ~~~Glen Ruth (aka Thrasher) showed up and played a G-TV segment which revealed that Marianna had been faking everything!
  • ~~~Once the police saw the video they released Chaz from the handcuffs and Marianna was arrested!!!!
  • October 11, 1999 - RAW: The Headbangers defeated Chris Jericho & Curtis Hughes when Y2J turned on Hughes..