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Wrestler: Hayabusa
Real Name: Eiji Ezaki
Birthday: November 29, 1968
Hometown: Kumamoto, Yatsuhiro, Japan
Marital Status: Divorced
Height & Weight: 6'0" - 234 lbs
Trained by: Tarzan Goto at the FMW Dojo
Debut: May 5, 1991
Previous Gimmicks: "H"
Darkside of "H"
Darkside of Hayabusa
Superstar Hayabusa
Finishing Move: Super Falcon Arrow
Favorite Moves: H Edge (Rock Bottom)
H Thunder
Shooting Star Press
Springboard Somersault Senton
Phoenix (Corkscrew 450) Splash
Firebird (450) Splash
Stardust Press
High Spinkick
Dragon Suplex
German Suplex
Asai Moonsault
Falcon Arrow
H Thunder(Emerald Fusion)
Notable Feuds: Mr. Gannosuke
The Gladiator (aka. Mike Awesome)
Masato Tanaka

  • All Asia Tag titles w/Jinsei Shinzaki ();
  • FMW World Street-Fight 6 Man Tag Team titles w/Masato Tanaka & Koji Nakagawa ();
  • FMW World Street-Fight 6 Man Tag Team titles w/Masato Tanaka & Hisakatsu Oya ();
  • FMW World Brass Knuckles title ();
  • FMW World Brass Knuckles Tag Team titles w/Masato Tanaka ();
  • FMW World Brass Knuckles Tag Team titles w/Daisuke Ikeda ();
  • FMW World Independent Heavyweight title ();
  • WEW 6 Man Tag Team titles w/Tetsuhiro Kuroda & GOEMON ();
  • WEW Singles title ();
  • WEW Tag Team titles w/Mr. Gannosuke ();
  • WEW Tag Team titles w/Tetsuhiro Kuroda ();

  • Hayabusa translated into english means Falcon or The Bird That Never Dies..
  • Hayabusa invented the Phoenix Splash..
  • October 23, 2001: Hayabusa was seriously injured in a PPV match at Korakuen Hall against Mammoth Sasaki..
  • ~~~Attempting a moonsault, his foot slipped and he landed directly on his head and was sent to the hospital..
  • ~~~Hayabusa suffered a broken neck and his wrestling career appeared to be over..
  • ~~~He was aldo drugged to prevent an infection from spreading to his heart, which would kill him..
  • Hayabusa planned to open up his own promotion in August called Wrestling Marvelous of the Future (WMF)..
  • Hayabusa teamed a lot with Jinsei Shinzaki and with Mr. Gannosuke..
  • Hayabusa walked with the aid of crutches at the first WMF Show at Korakuen Hall...
  • Hayabusa is currently in the music industry (as a singer) and sporadically performs in Japan..
  • Hayabusa still hopes to one day return to the ring for one last match..

  • http://fmwwrestling.us/Hayabio.php - The most detailed Haybusa biography you will find..
  • August 19, 2006--Pro Wrestling Unplugged: Hayabusa made an appearance in a wheel-chair and stood up to a standing ovation