[Harvey Wippleman Gallery]
Manager: Harvey Wippleman
Real Name: Bruno Lauer
Birthday: October 27, 1965
Hometown: Walls, Mississippi
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Debut: 1979
Titles: WWF Women's Title
Previous Gimmicks: Leonard Spazzinsky
Downtown Bruno
Harvey Wippleman
Notable Feuds: Ric McCord (Central States)
Jamie Dundee (USWA)
Miss Texas (USWA)
The Undertaker
Howard Finkel

Wrestlers who Downtown Bruno / Harvey Wippleman Managed:
Lord Humongous (Sid)
Big Bill Tabb
Tony Falk
Curtis Hughes
Sgt. Major Gary Lang
Robert Fuller
Jimmy Golden
Rick Link
Big Bubba
Phil Hickerson
Brad & Bart Batten
RockNRoll RPMs
Mick Tierney
Glenn Kulka
Pat Tanaka
Paul Diamond
Ray Candy
Earthquake Ferris
The Kelly Twins
Rob Noxious
Ken Raper
Frankie Lancaster
Brickhouse Brown
Pat Rose
Dutch Mantell
The Masked Marauder
Lou Fabiano
Steve Bradley
Eli the Eliminator
Buddy Wayne
Mike Samples
Jeff Gaylord
Brian Armstrong
Don Bass
Pat Hutchinson
Jack the Stretcher Hart
Jim Ryder
Rude Dog
Sika Anaoi
Bronx Bull
Bronx Bomber
The Scorpion
King Cobra
The Louisana Assassins
Bob Owen
Carl Fergie
Cactus Jack
Brian Lee
The Harris Brothers
The Moondogs
Giant Gonzalez
Big Bully Busick
Well Dunn
Adam Bomb
Bertha Faye
Brooklyn Brawler

Wrestlers Who Won Championships Under the Guidance of Downtown Bruno aka Harvey Wippleman
  • Bertha Faye (World Wrestling Federation Women's Title);
  • Jim Ryder (ICW Louisiana Heavyweight Title);
  • Lou Fabiano (Arizona Heavyweight Title in Steve Gatorwolf's promotion);
  • The Stud Stable (CWF Tag Team Titles and USWA Tag Team titles);
  • Baldo (Power Pro Heavyweight Title);
  • Don Bass (AWA Southern Heavyweight Title);
  • Gary Young & Cactus Jack (CWA Tag Team Titles);
  • Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond (CWA Tag Team Titles);
  • The Moondogs (CWA Tag Team Titles);
  • The Kelly Twins (CWA Tag Team Titles);
  • Tony Falk (CWA Mid America Heavyweight Title);
  • The Batten Twins (Central States Tag Team Titles);
  • Earthquake Ferris (Central States Heavyweight Title);
  • Eddie Gilbert (USWA Heavyweight Title and USWA Tag Team Titles);
  • Doug Gilbert (USWA Heavyweight Title and USWA Tag Team Titles);
  • Brian Lee (USWA Heavyweight Title and USWA Tag Team Titles);
  • Tony Anthony (USWA Heavyweight Title and USWA Tag Team Titles);
  • Lord Humungous (CWF Heavyweight Title and CWF Southeastern Heavyweight Title);
  • Alan Steele (AAW Heavyweight Title);

  • In The Beginning:
  • Bruno Lauer got his start in the wrestling business at the age of 14 as a ring apprentice in Mississippi..
  • Bruno Lauer got an active role on shows in Pennsylvania as "Leonard Spazzinsky" (named by Geeto Mongol)..
  • Bruno Lauer became a part of the act in many Southern territories as a manager known as "Downtown Bruno"..
  • Downtown Bruno managed, refereed, and worked as office personel for many different Southern promotions.....
  • ~~~Such as Jarrett promotions, Power Pro Wrestling, USWA, and Memphis Championship Wrestling to name a few..

    In between his debut in 1979 and his 1989 debut with the WWF (at the time), Bruno managed, refereed, and worked as office personel for many different promotions..... Jarrett promotions, Power Pro Wrestling, USWA, and Memphis Championship Wrestling (all in the Memphis territory; my home base) --- IWF & ICWF (Louisiana and eastern Texas), Bob Geigel's NWA/Central States in the Kansas City area, the Maivia promotion in Hawaii, NWA Michigan, CCW and CWF in Alabama/Florida panhandle, Ozark Mountain Wrestling in Missouri & Arkansas, Arkansas All Star Wrestling and Razorback All Star Wrestling in, obviously, Arkansas, and many indy shots over the years in California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Alabama, Canada, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Georgia....

    World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment:
  • 1989: Bruno Lauer signed on with the World Wrestling Federation and became known as Harvey Wippleman..
  • Harvey Wippleman managed wrestlers such as Adam Bomb, Giant Gonzales, Big Bully Busick and others in the WWF..
  • Harvey Wippleman also managed former Women's Champion Bertha Faye, who was Harvey's trailor park love interest..
  • Harvey Wippleman briefly became a referee in the WWF, but did not last long as he was stuck in his old character..
  • Harvey Wippleman dressed in drag and went by "Harvina" to capture the WWF Women's title from The Kat..
  • Harvey Wippleman is now a veteran backstage coordinator with World Wrestling Entertainment..
  • Harvey Wippleman has been employed with Vince McMahon's WWE for the last seventeen years..
  • November 9, 2006--NWA Mid Southern Wrestling: Downtown Bruno was the special guest referee for the main event..

    Brad Dykens wrote: Bruno Lauer was born on 10/27/65 and made his professional wrestling debut in 1979. He now lives in Walls, Mississippi. Somehow, a proliferation of web sites have mistakenly stated that his real name is David Lauer, which is blatantly untrue. He was born BRUNO LAUER, no middle initial, and that's his name.