Wrestler: Hans Schmidt
Real Name: Guy Larose
Birthday: February 7, 1925 in Joliet, Quebec
Hometown: North of Montreal
Billed as a German
Marital Status: Married with Children.
Height & Weight: 6'4", 250 pounds
Trained by:
Previous Identies: Roy Asselin (California, 1951)
The Teuton Terror
Finishing Move: Backbreaker
Favorite Moves: Swinging Neckbreaker
Leg Drop
Various Chops
Notable Feuds:
Andy Robin
Ilis De Paulo
Pat Flanigan
Bill Warren
Buddy Rogers
Killer Kowalski
Yukon Eric
Pat O'Conner
Domenic Denucci
Notable Feuds:
Lou Thesz
Argentina Rocca
Verne Gagne
Edouard Carpentier
Whipper Billy Watson
Johnny Powers
Bill Miller
Jack Brisco

  • NWA (Chicago) United States Heavyweight title, 1956-57
  • International Heavyweight title (Montreal), 1961-65 (2)
  • NWA (Georgia) Southern Tag Team titles, 1968

  • Guy Larose (A canadian) started wrestling after the war in the 1950s using a german heel gimmick..
  • Hans Schmidt was one the most hated wrestlers alive, playing an evil German..
  • Hans Schmidt formed tag teams with Dick 'The Bulldog' Brower, Hans Hermann and Fritz von Erich..
  • Hans Schmidt would often use his World War II helmet, which he wore to the ring, as a weapon against his opponents..
  • One of the 1950s wrestling magazines refused to list Schmidt in their top ten..
  • ~~~They claimed he was "too rough for ratings" they listed him in "a catagory of his own"..
  • October 1954: Hans Schmidt squared off with Buddy Rogers at the Akron Armory in Ohio..
  • ~~~Schmidt was so hated he actuially turned Rogers into a babyface with no corresponding angle..
  • ~~~This encounter saw them trading falls and in the third fall, the ring broke!
  • Hans Schmidt was still wrestling in Montreal in the 70s -- billed from Chicago, ironically where he had the most success..
  • Guy Larose is now rumored to be somewhat of a hermit, living in the woods somewhere in the province of Quebec..