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Manager: The Grand Wizard
Real Name: Ernie Roth
Birthday: June 7, 1929
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale
Marital Status:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Jay Wellington Radcliffe
"Mr Clean"
Adullah Farounk (Detroit)
Armstrong K
Notable Feuds:

Wrestlers who The Grand Wizard Managed:
Magnificent Maurice Handsome Johnny Berand Billy Graham The Masked Superstar Pat Patterson
Sgt Slaughter

  • Ernie Roth was once known as "Mr. Kleen" and "Armstrong K" at other times in his career..
  • Ernie Roth managed the heel team of Magnificent Maurice and Johnny Berand in the Al Haft Promotion out of Ohio..
  • Late 1960s: Ernie Roth was also the ringside announcer for televised studio wrestling on Dayton, Ohio TV Station WKEF, Ch.22..
  • ~~~At that time, he was a "good guy" speaking against the illegal tactics of "The Sheik" and "Wild Bull Curry" and other heels..
  • Ernie Roth later took on the gimmick of Abdullah Farouk in Detroit and other territories..
  • Ernie Roth is most known for his days in the World Wide Wrestling Federation, as "The Grand Wizard"..
  • October 12, 1983: Ernie Roth died at the age of 54 as a result of a heart attack..
  • ~~~Sgt Slaughter came out for a match and saluted the empty corner in tribute to the Wiz..
  • ~~~The Grand Wizard was scheduled to manage Paul Orndorff before he died..
  • 1990s: Ernie Roth was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame and is widely considered as one of the greatest Managers of all time...