Wrestler: Gorgeous George Jr.
Real Name: Richard Phelps
Legally changed: George Wagner
Hometown: Now lives in Tennessee
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Mike DiBiase
Other Names: Gaylord George (Canada)
Finishing Move: The Powerslam
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Blas Corona
Jerry Usher
George Gulas
Tito Montez
Eddie Sullivan
Mr Ito
Jerry Miller
Chati Yaluchi
Treach Phillips
Pancho Pico

  • Gorgeous George Jr was sued by widow of George (Wagner) to prevent him from using the name of Gorgeous George Jr in California..
  • Richard Phelps legally changed his name to George Wagner and now lives in Tennessee driving a truck for a living..
  • Gorgeous George Jr. was fired in nashville when on tv he accidentally slipped and called George Gulas a "snivelling little shit"..

  • If anyone can set the record straight on the difference between THIS George and Gorgeous George GRANT please email me at the address below so we can discuss it further.