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Wrestler: Gene Petit
Real Name: Gene Petit
Birthday: May 19?
Hometown: Hog Waller, Tennessee
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Dale Lewis
Debut: 1973
Previous Gimmicks: Gene Lewis
The Mongol (Texas)
Kharma (Florida)
Molakai (Florida)
The Assassin (Puerto Rico '82)
Hillbilly Cousin Luke (WWF)
Texas Red (Japan)
Bloody Ox Brody (Southern Indies)
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:

  • Gene Petit's early professional experience was gained wrestling at county and state fairs throughout the South.
  • Gene Petit wrestled as "El Mongol" in the "Devastation Inc" faction in Mid-South/UWF out of Texas..
  • Gene Petit wrestled as "Gene Lewis" in a brothers tag team with Dale Lewis..

  • Gene Petit had a brief stint in the WWF as Hillbilly Jim's "Cousin Luke" in the Hillbilly Family..
  • ~~~Hillbilly Luke mostly teamed with Hillbilly Jim at WWF non-televised events..

  • Gene Petit has competed throughout the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia..
  • Gene Petit later returned, 50 pounds heavier, as one of the USWA Moondogs..
  • Gene Petit continued his violent ways in Southern indies as Bloody Ox Brody..
  • Gene Petit has made a few appearances with USA Pro out of NY..