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Wrestler: Fritz Von Erich
Real Name: Jack B. Adkisson
Birthday: August 16, 1929
Hometown: Dallas Texas
Marital Status: Married to Doris
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Fritz von Erich
Previous Gimmicks: Tetsu no Tsume (iron claw) JAPAN
Finishing Move: Iron Claw
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Giant Baba
Joe Blanchard
John Paul Hennig
Ernie Ladd
Bull Curry
The Freebirds

  • Texas Brass Knucks title 58/04/15
  • N.W.A. World Tag Team (Minneapolis) 58/07/01 w/ Hans Hermann
  • N.W.A. U.S. Heavyweight (Detroit) 61/12/01
  • N.W.A. U.S. Heavyweight (Detroit) 63/06/08
  • World Heavyweight (Omaha) 62/07/31
  • World Heavyweight (Omaha) 63/07/27
  • A.W.A. World Heavyweight 63/07/27
  • N.W.A. U.S. Heavyweight (Detroit) 63/10/19
  • N.W.A. Texas Heavyweight 65/01/05
  • N.W.A. Texas Heavyweight 65/04/30
  • N.W.A. World Tag Team (Texas) 65/06/29 w/ Killer Karl Kox
  • N.W.A. World Tag Team (Texas) 66/03/01 w/ Duke Keomuka
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 66/06/06
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 66/08/04
  • N.W.A. Texas Heavyweight 67/01/16
  • N.W.A. American Tag Team 67/02/21 w/ Waldo von Erich
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 67/03/27
  • N.W.A. American Tag Team 68 w/ Billy Red Lyons
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 68/06/03
  • N.W.A. American Tag Team 68/07/19 w/ Grizzly Smith
  • N.W.A. American Tag Team 69 w/ Dan Miller
  • N.W.A. American Tag Team 69/03 w/ Fred Curry
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 69/08/04
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 70/06/14
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 71/02/22
  • N.W.A. American Tag Team 72/01/25 w/ Dean Ho
  • N.W.A. International Tag Team 73/04/18 w/ Killer Karl Krupp
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 73/08/07
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 74/04/18
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 74/12/29
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 77/04/12
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 77/12/12
  • N.W.A. American Heavyweight 82/06/14
  • World Six Man Tag Team 84/05/06 w/ Kevin & Mike Von Erich

  • A former collegiate football star at Southern Methodist University and played professionally with the Dallas Texans.
  • Began his wrestling career under the name Fritz Von Erich, a villain working under the premise of being a Nazi sympathizer..
  • November, 1966: Fritz had his first match in Japan..
  • In Japan, it is believed that Jack was born in Berlin, Germany and immigrated to Dallas, Texas when he was 13.
  • As a promoter, he worked with the governing bodies of the NWA in promoting the sport in his native Texas.
  • Father of the great Von Erich brothers, Kevin, David, Kerry, Mike & Chris.
  • When a dispute arose among the NWA members, Fritz formed World Class Wrestling, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
  • His dream was to build an entertainment empire - his plan was to use his sons as the foundation upon which to build that empire.
  • May 6, 1984 in Irving, Texas: Fritz came out of retirement and teamed with his sons Kevin and Mike and they defeated the Freebirds in a 6-man match. But that night will long be remebered for Kerry Von Erich defeated NWA champion Ric Flair with a backslide at 25:42 , which was voted match of the year in 1984, in front of 43,517 fans.
  • September 10, 1997: Fritz von Erich found dead at his home in Lake Dallas.. [read more].