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Faction: The Four Horsemen
Ric Flair
Arn Anderson
Ole Anderson
Tully Blanchard
Manager: JJ Dillon
Lex Luger
Valet: Dark Journey
Barry Windham
Sid Vicious
Manager: Hiro Matsuda

Paul Roma
Brian Pillman
Chris Benoit
Valet: Woman
Valet: Elizabeth
Curt Hennig
Jeff Jarrett
Mongo McMichael
Valet: Debra McMichael
Dean Malenko
Debut: 1985
Titles: Pretty much all of them..
Notable Feuds: Road Warriors
Dusty Rhodes
The Dungeon of Doom
Jeff Jarrett
Curt Hennig
new World order
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  • August 25, 1997: Arn Anderson retires and offers his 'spot' in the group to Curt Hennig, who replies that it would "be an honor"..
  • Fall Brawl 1997: Curt Hennig turns on the IV Horsemen, helping the nWo defeat the Horsemen in the War Games match..