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Wrestler: Ernest "The Cat" Miller
Real Name: Ernest Miller
Birthday: 1964
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Marital Status: Married with a son
Height & Weight: 6'2" - 235 lbs
Trained by: WCW Power Plant
Debut: 1997
Titles: WCW Commissioner
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Feliner
Thrust Kick
Favorite Moves: Cat's Cradle
Martial Arts Strikes
Notable Feuds: Vince Russo
Mike Sanders

World Championship Wrestling - Blood Runs Cold:
  • Ernest Miller tought Karate to Eric Bischoff's son before joining Bischoff's World Championship Wrestling..

    World Championship Wrestling - Blood Runs Cold:
  • 3-time Karate champion Ernest Miller first appeared in WCW and got involved in the Blood Runs Cold storyline..
  • ~~~Ernest Miller evened the odds and joined Glacier in his feud with James Vandenburg & Mortis & Wrath..
  • July 13, 1997 - Bash at the Beach: Mortis & Wrath w/James Vandenburg defeated Glacier & Ernest Miller..
  • October 25, 1997 - Worldwide: Glacier & Ernest Miller defeated Doc Dean & Manny Fernandez..
  • November 23, 1997 - World War III: Meng & The Barbarian defeated Glacier & Ernest Miller..

    World Championship Wrestling - The Cat:

    World Wrestling All-Stars:
  • April 7, 2002 - WWA House Show: Buff Bagwell & Ernest Miller defeated Disco Inferno & Stevie Ray..

    World Wrestling Entertainment - Broadcast Announcer:
  • June 11, 2002: Ernest Miller was spotted backstage at a WWE Smackdown! taping..
  • October 28, 2002 - RAW: The Cat defeated Johnny the Bull in a try-out "dark" match..
  • October 31, 2002 - Smackdown!: The Cat defeated Val Venis in another try-out "dark" match..
  • November 28, 2002 - Smackdown!: Ernest Miller got a try-out on the announce team with Michael Cole..
  • April 21, 2003 - RAW: Ernest "The Cat" Miller defeated Johnny Swinger in a dark match..
  • May 2003: Ernest "The Cat" Miller was assigned to WWE Velocity along with Josh Mathews at the announce table..
  • September 2003: Ernest "The Cat" Miller has been removed from "Velocity," but will likely return as a wrestler and/or manager.

    World Wrestling Entertainment - :
  • November 2003 - Smackdown!: Vignettes began playing to hype the return of The Cat, in an exagerated character roll..
  • November 27, 2003 - Smackdown!: Ernest "The Cat" Miller debuted, danced, and brought Torrie Wilson out for some dancing..
  • December 4, 2003 - Smackdown!: Ernest "The Cat" Miller defeated Chuck Palumbo in a dark match..
  • December 11, 2003 - Smackdown!: Ernest "The Cat" Miller made another pointless appearance, trying to get Sable to dance with him..
  • December 18, 2003 - Smackdown!: Ernest Miller got into a confrontation with Vince McMahon, who kicked the Cat between the legs!
  • January 25, 2004 - Royal Rumble: Ernest Miller entered at #18, danced for a bit, then got tossed in less than a minute!
  • February 10, 2004: Ernest "The Cat" Miller was released from his WWE contract..