Wrestler: Eric Pomeroy
Real Name: Eric Pomeroy
Birthday: June 12
Hometown: Stromsburg, Nebraska
Marital Status: Married to Lynn
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Eric Pomeroy
El Lobo -masked-
The Mad Russian -masked-
Stan Pulaski
Sergi Pulaski
Stan Vachon
Igor Kalmikoff
of the Infernos
The Masked Destroyer (Central States)
Finishing Move: Gung Fu Hold (Double Corkscrew)
Favorite Moves: Hangmans Hold
Notable Feuds: The Torres Brothers
Robert Fuller
Bob Armstrong
Mr Wreslting
Mr. Wrestling II
Iron Mike Dibiase
Tarzan Tyler
Gentlemen X

  • California Heavyweight title [as Stan Pulaski] (1966);
  • Midwest Heavyweight title [as Stan Pulaski] defeating Mike Dibiase (1969);
  • Midwest Tag Team titles [as Stan Pulaski] w/Reggie Parks (1969);
  • North American Tag Team titles w/Danny Little Bear (1969);
  • Georgia Tag Team titles w/Bobby Duncum (1974);

  • 1968: Stan Vachon formed a very rough tag team with Louie Tillet ..
  • 1968: Stan Vachon stomped the arm of Enrique Torres and was credited (?) with ending his career..
  • ~~~Enrique did a brief comeback and retired for good. By some accounts the Assassins compounded the injury at some point..
  • 1969: Stan Pulaski held the Midwest Midwest Tag Team and North American Tag Team titles simultaneously..
  • 1969: Stan Pulaski defeated Tarzan Tyler & Gentlemen X in a Handicap match the third fall by Disqualification..
  • ~~~Pulaski's title match with Verne Gagne was halted in the 3rd fall when Tarzan Tyler & Gentleman X interfered..