Manager: Miss Elizabeth
Real Name: Elizabeth Ann Heulette
Birthday: November 19, 1960 in Kentucky
Hometown: Frankfort, KY
Cobb County, GA (w/Larry)
Marital Status: Divorced from Randy Savage
Dating Lex Luger
Height & Weight: 5'4 - 115lbs
Debut: May 1985
Previous Gimmicks: First Lady of Wrestling
Miss Elizabeth
Notable Feuds: Jake Roberts
The Undertaker
Ric Flair
Randy Savage

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In The Beginning:
  • Elizabeth was a graduate of The University of Kentucky with a degree in communications..
  • Elizabeth worked as a camera operator at her father's TV station, which hosted wrestling events for ICW..
  • Elizabeth started out as a fan of International Championship Wrestling in Lexington, Kentucky, an organization fun by Angelo Poffo..
  • Elizabeth began dating Randy Poffo (aka Randy Poffo), and became an announcer and host of ICW Television..
  • December 30, 1984: Elizabeth and Randy Poffo were officially married in Frankfort, Kentucky..

    World Wrestling Federation:
  • 1985: Elizabeth enters the WWF as the manager of heel Randy "Macho Man" Savage an became known as the first lady of wrestling..
  • 1985: Elizabeth led Randy Savage to the Intercontinental title win over Tito Santana..
  • 1986: Elizabeth found herself the object of George "The Animal" Steele's affection!
  • Wrestlemania II: Elizabeth was in the corner of Randy Savage as he defeated George Steele..
  • Wrestlemania III: Elizabeth was in the corner of Randy Savage as he was defeated by Ricky Steamboat for the Intercontinental title..
  • Randy Savage turned babyface and was attacked by the Hart Foundation & HonkyTonkMan who threatened to hit him with a guitar!
  • ~~~Liz selflessly threw herself in front of Honky Tonk in an attempt to save Macho Man..
  • Wrestlemania IV: Randy Savage defeated Ted DiBiase in a tourniment final to win the Undisputed title with help from Hulk Hogan!
  • Elizabeth began managing the MegaPowers, consisting of Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan, to feud with DiBiase, Andre & Twin Towers..
  • February 3, 1989 - SNME: Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage defeated the Twin Towers in one of the most contraversial nights of all time..
  • ~~~Elizabeth was accidentally knocked out and Hulk Hogan abandoned Randy Savage to take Liz backstage for medical treatment..
  • ~~~Hulk Hogan returned to the ring, only to get slapped by Randy Savage for leaving him alone with the Twin Towers..
  • ~~~Hulk Hogan finished the match by himself, and went backstage, only to be brutally attacked by Randy Savage!!!
  • Wrestlemania V: Elizabeth remained in a neutral corner as Hulk Hogan defeated Randy Savage for the WWF Heavyweight title..
  • Wrestlemania VI: Elizabeth was in the corner of Dusty Rhodes & Saphire as they defeated Randy Savage & Queen Sherri!
  • Wrestlemania VII: Randy Savage was defeated by The Ultimate Warrior in a retirement match and Queen Sherri started kicking him!
  • ~~~All of a sudden, Miss Elizabeth jumped the rail and entered the ring to chase Sherri away!!
  • ~~~Elizabeth reunited with Randy Savage in one of the most emotionally charged moments in WWF history!
  • Summerslam 1991: Randy Savage & Elizabeth were married in the ring live on PPV dispite already being married for years..
  • ~~~After the ceremony, the party was interrupted by a Jake Roberts & The Undertaker, who threatened Liz with a venamous snake!
  • ~~~A few weeks later, Jake Roberts shocked the world by letting a real snake BITE Randy Savage's arm on national television!
  • ~~~Randy Savage & Elizabeth started a campaign to get reinstated as a wrestler in the WWF..
  • December 3, 1991 - This Tuesday in Texas: Randy Savage defeated Jake Roberts to gain a measure of revenge..
  • April 5, 1992 - Wrestlemania VIII: Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair to win the WWF Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~Elizabeth had gotten involved after Ric Flair claimed to have pictures that prooved that he was having an affair with Liz..
  • Elizabeth faded away and Randy Savage continued wrestling for another two years..
  • 1992: Elizabeth filed for divorce and she and Randy Savage parted ways (not storyline)..

    World Championship Wrestling:
  • 1995: Miss Elizabeth popped up in WCW at the side of her ex-husband Randy Savage as well as old friend Hulk Hogan..
  • February 11, 1996: Miss Elizabeth turns on Randy Savage to help Ric Flair win the World Title at SuperBrawl VI..
  • 1996: Miss Elizabeth became 1/3 of a team of valet's for Ric Flair & the Four Horsemen..
  • 1996: Miss Elizabeth was forced to join the nWo, and as the only female member of the group, wasn't treated very well..
  • 1996: Miss Elizabeth's attitude changed when Randy Savage joined the nWo and they reingnited their business relationship..
  • 1997: Miss Elizabeth & Randy Savage feuded with Diamond Dallas Page & Kimberly..

    The Real World:
  • Late 1997: Elizabeth married Cary Lubetsky, but the marriage would only last a few months before they were divorced..

    World Championship Wrestling:
  • Late 1998: Miss Elizabeth began appearing as the valet for Lex Luger & Kevin Nash..
  • January 4, 1999 - Nitro: Miss Elizabeth accused Bill Goldberg of stalking her, but it was all a set-up orchestrated by Eric Bischoff..
  • SuperBrawl IX: Kevin Nash & Scott Hall defeat Rey Mysterio & Konnan in a "Liz's hair" vs. "Rey's mask" match..
  • 1999: Miss Elizabeth dissappeared from WCW Television to undergo breast augmentation surgury (boob job)..
  • Sept 27, 1999: Miss Elizabeth returned as the manager of her real life boyfriend, Lex Luger showing a never-before-seen mean streak..
  • ~~~They were quickly pushed into a storyline where Lex Luger was mentally abusing Elizabeth, but Sting was defending her..
  • Nov 22, 1999: Lex Luger arranged to have a match between Meng and Elizabeth but Sting eventually saved her..
  • Nov 29, 1999: Lex Luger continues to harass Liz by throwing her into a mud pit, and Sting rescued her once again..
  • Starrcade 1999: Lex Luger beat Sting after Liz took an opportunity to bash Sting over the head with a baseball bat..
  • Miss Elizabeth began managing the team of Lex Luger & Ric Flair, known as Team Package..
  • April 2000: Vince Russo & Eric Bischoff took control of the company and all storylines were scrapped..
  • ~~~Elizabeth became the target of Vince Russo, who kidnapped her, claiming that he owned her contract!
  • ~~~Vince Russo forced Elizabeth into matches with trained female wrestlers, but Lex Luger continuously saved her..
  • August 2000: Miss Elizabeth was released by World Championship Wrestling after Lex Luger walked out of WCW..

    World Wrestling All-Stars:
  • Elizabeth & Lex Luger participated in the World Wresling All-Stars European Tour, which saw Lex Luger win the WWA World title..

    The Life & Death of Elizabeth Heulette:
  • May 1, 2003: Elizabeth dies in hospital hours after being found in Lex Luger's condo, passed out as a result of an apparant overdose..
  • ~~~Elizabeth was only 42 at the time of her death and had been dating Lex Luger..
  • Elizabeth can be counted as one of several women who pioneered the "Diva" phenomenon (also Precious, Baby Doll & Sunshine..
  • Elizabeth was the true pioneer because she was the first female valet to appear on a national scale..
  • Elizabeth Hulette's death was ruled due to an overdose of a combination of pain pills and alcohol..