[Edouard Carpentier Gallery]
Wrestler: Edouard Carpentier
Real Name: Edouard Wiecz
Hometown: Originally from France
Marital Status: Married
Height & Weight: 5'10 - 230lbs
Trained by: Lino Venture
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: The Senton
Favorite Moves: Football Tackle
Flying senton
Notable Feuds: Mr. Moto
Hans Nermann
Harley Race
Hans Mortier
Hans Schmidt
Gorgeous George
Lou Thesz
Wladeck Kawalski
Maurice Vachon
Don Leo Jonathan

  • FCLA Title;
  • Montreal: AWA IWA title-(5);
  • Massachusetts: BTW World title;
  • Los Angeles: WWA World Heavyweight title-(2);
  • Los Angeles: WWA World Tag Team titles;
  • Montreal: Grand Prix Wrestling title-(4);
  • Montreal: Grand Prix Tag Team titles;
  • Los Angeles: NWA Americas Heavyweight title-(2);
  • Montreal: International Tag Team titles;
  • Montreal: Canadian International title;
  • Georgia: World Heavyweight title;

  • Edouard Carpentier is originally Polish, not French..
  • 1980-84: Édouard Carpentier hosted "Les Étoiles de la lutte" in Sherbrooke, Quebec..
  • 1984-90: Édouard Carpentier hosted WWF Superstars of Wrestling's French broadcast..