[Dutch Savage Gallery]

Wrestler: Dutch Savage
Real Name: Frank Stewart
Birthday: June 9, 1935
Hometown: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Raised in Newark, Delaware
Moved to Elkton, Maryland
Marital Status: Married to Willa
Height & Weight: 6'4" - 265 lbs
Trained by: Luke Brown
Debut: 1963
Previous Gimmicks: Dutch Schultz (Hawaii)
Finishing Move: The Running Pile Driver
The Thumb
Favorite Moves: Boot to Stomach of Ropes

Wrestlers who Dutch Savage Feuded With:
Gene Kiniski
Pat O'connor
Dory Funk Sr.
The Funk Brothers
Dr X
Maurice Vachon
Hard Boiled haggerty
Don Leo Jonathan
John Tolos
Steven Little Bear
Steve Kovacz
Steve Bolos
Bob Geigle
The Stomper
Dick The Bruiser
Wilbur Snyder
Big Bill Miller
Jerry Brisco
Jack Brisco
Eric Froelich
Roy McClarity
Lonnie Mayne
The Von Steugers
The Kangaroos
Ricky Romero
Mario Galento
Lester Welsch
Cowboy Bill Watts
Danny Hodge
Ray Stevens
Pat Patersen
Apache Bull Ramos
Buddy Rose
Ed Wiskowski
Al Lovelock
Lou Thesz
Bulldog Bob Brown
Rene Goulet
Antonio Inoki
Giant Baba
Harley Race
Billy White Wolf
Ripper Collins
Curtis Ieaukea
Johhny Barrend
Jim Hady
Ed Francis
The Skull

  • (Oklahoma) United States Tag team titles w/Luke Brown ();

  • Dutch Savage was trained by his adopted brother Luke Brown of the Kentuckians..
  • 1963: Dutch Savage has his first match was with Al "Spider" Galento in Macon, Georgia..
  • 1972: Dutch Savage orginated the West Virgina Coalminers Glove match in Eugene, Oregon..
  • Dutch Savage bought out Sandor Kovacs promotion of the State of Washington..
  • Dutch Savage bought into the old Portland territory along with Don & Elton Owen..
  • Dutch Savage was 1/3 owner of the Northwest territory for quite a number of years..
  • Dutch Savage was "color" commentor on the Saturday Night TV shows for years, occasionally wrestling..
  • Dutch Savage is now in real estate in Vancouver, Washington..