Wrestler: Duke "The Dumpster" Droese
Real Name: Mike Droese
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'2" - 306 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1990
Previous Gimmicks: Marshall Duke
Rocco Gilbraltar
Garbage Man
Finishing Move: Tilt a Whirl Suplex (Trash Compactor)
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Triple H

[Duke Droese Gallery]

  • Florida Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title defeating The Warlock (04/22/00);

  • Mike Droese, the Wrestling Garbageman, broke into the business in Florida while attending The University of Miami..
  • Duke does impressions of fellow wrestlers, and his best impression is of none other than Vince McMahon!
  • Duke Droese was later released from the WWF and he retreated to Florida Championship Wrestling..
  • Mike Droese has left the wrestling business and moved out of Florida..