[Don Leo Jonathan Gallery]
Wrestler: Don Leo Jonathan
Real Name: Don Heaton
Hometown: Langley British Columbia
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'5"
Trained by:
Debut: 1949
Previous Gimmicks: "Mormon Giant"
Mighty Loco
El Loco
El Diablo
Finishing Move: Spinning Full Nelson
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Pedro Morales
Sky Hi Lee
Great Scott
Buddy Rogers
Frank Valois
Mighty Ursus
Pat O Conner
Jean Ferre
Yvon Robert
Killer Kowalski
Gene Kiniski
Bob Brown
YVon Robert.

  • 2-time International champion (Montreal), 1955
  • 2-time NWA Texas champion, 1957, 1960
  • Canadian tag champion (Toronto), with Gene Kiniski, 1959
  • 2-time World champion (Omaha), 1961
  • U.S. tag champion (Los Angeles), with Fred Blassie, 1964
  • 15-time Canadian tag champion (Vancouver), 1964-78
  • 2-time International tag champion (Winnipeg), 1965
  • World tag champion (Vancouver), with Dominic Denucci, 1966
  • IWA World tag champion (Australia), with Tony Parisi, 1969
  • 3-time NWA Pacific Coast champion (Vancouver), 1970-77
  • Grand Prix champion (Montreal), 1974
  • EWU World Superheavyweight champion (South Africa), 1975
  • CWA World champion (Austria), 1978

  • September 16, 1961: Verne Gagne defeated Don Leo Jonathan for the Omaha version of the World title!
  • September 14, 1962: Karl Krauser (AKA: Karl Gotch) wins the MWA title from Don Leo Jonathan in Columbus, OH..
  • May 1972: Don Leo was in one of the most famous main events in Montreal history, the "Battle of the Giants" match against Jean Ferre..
  • ~~~The event drew 16,000 fans, paying a reported $87,000 -- DLJ won by DQ when Ferre wouldn't break a choke..
  • Don Leo defeated Yvon Robert for the International title in Montreal, but later lost the belt to Killer Kowalski..
  • Don Leo was twice recognized as World champion in Omaha (affiliated with the AWA), defeating Dr. X (Bill Miller) both times..
  • Don Leo won the Pacific Coast title in Vancouver by defeating Bob Brown (1970), Gene Kiniski (1976), and John Quinn (1976-77)..
  • Don Leo formed tag teams with Gene Kiniski Kiniski, Rocky Johnson, John Tolos, Jimmy Snuka, Haystack Calhoun, and Roy McClarity..