Wrestler: Don Fargo
Real Name: Don Kalt
Hometown: Pensacola, Florida
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Don Stevens
Jack Dalton (WWA Indianapolis)
Jack Dillinger (WWA Indianapolis)
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Bill Dundee
Chris Colt
Billy Colt (Billy Anderson)
Jerry Lawler
Tony Parisi
Dominic Denucci
Scott Casey
The Funk Brothers
Pat Fraley
Fred Fraley
Harvey Lee
Ricky Cox

  • World's Tag Team title w/Jackie Fargo;
  • IWU (Tennessee) Heavyweight title;
  • Midwest World Tag Team titles w/Johnny Fargo (aka Greg valentine) (1970s);

  • Don Fargo once wrestled as "Don Stevens" and formed a tag team with Crippler Ray Stevens..
  • 1962: The Fabulous Fargos parted ways and Don Fargo found himself working in Pittsburgh teaming with Jimmy Fargo (Jim Baggis)..
  • Don & Jimmy Fargo soon moved to Texas and took on the name Jim & Jack Dalton (The Dirty Daltons) managed by Al (Spider) Galento..
  • 1965: The Dirty Daltons split while they were working in the Louisiana end of the Gulf Coast promotion..
  • ~~~Jack Dalton recruited a young wrestler by the name of Gene Stevens and called him Frank Dalton..
  • ~~~This version of the Daltons was managed by a guy named Lawrence "Kenny Mack" McMullen..
  • 1968: The Dirty Daltons moved to the Alabama end of the Gulf Coast promotion and became known as "The Hell's Angels"..
  • Late 1968: The Dirty Daltons split up and Jack Dalton and Kenny Mack headed to Indianapolis with a brief stop in Tennessee..
  • Jack Dalton & Kenny Mack settled in Dick the Bruiser's WWA Indianapolis promotion..
  • ~~~They became known as Jack & Frank Dillinger, respectively and were dubbed "The Chain Gang"..
  • ~~~Some real biker gangs took offense to the Dillingers and jumped them at a bar in Wisconsin!
  • ~~~~~Frank Dillinger ended up being shot in the leg and Jack Dillinger escaped by jumping in a river!
  • ~~~~~Frank Dillinger's career was ended due to the gunshot wound..
  • Jack Dillinger later came back to WWA Indianapolis and recruited Jim Dillinger (Chuck Harris) to reform The Chain Gang..
  • ~~~This version of the Chain Gang eventually split up and Chuck Harris became known as Chris Colt..
  • Jack Dillinger finally reclaimed the name Don Fargo..