Wrestler: Don Curtis
Real Name: Born Don Beitelman
Legally changed to Don Curtis
Birthday: May 22
Hometown: Originally from Buffalo, New York
Retired to Jacksonville, Florida
Marital Status: Married to Dotty
They have 3 children
Also has 7 grand children
Height & Weight: 6'1" - 190 lbs
Trained by: Lou Thesz
Previous Gimmicks: The Buffalo Bomber
Finishing Move: The Sleeper Hold
Favorite Moves: Flying drop kick
The Sleeper
Notable Feuds: Eddie Graham
Jerry Graham
Jim Wright
Jack Terry
Tokyo Joe
Art Neilson
Zebra Kid

  • NWA World Tag Team titles w/Mark Lewin;

  • Don Curtis formed a heel team with Mark Lewin and wore satin capes as a part of their gimmick feuding with Eddie & Jerry Graham..
  • Don Curtis broke an attendance record in Jacksonville, Florida when he faced Lou Thesz for the World Heavyweight title..
  • Don Curtis was a promoter in Jacksonville until 1981 when he left wrestling & became the Chief of the Gator Bowl complex..
  • 1980: Don Curtis was inducted into the U.B. Athletic Hall of Fame for his wrestling and football..

    Robert Louis Howell wrote: 1970, in Atlanta: Don Curtis and a mystery partner challenge the Assassins. The partner was Doug Gilbert (The Professional) --- The Assassins won. In 1972: On the first NWA TV card held after the ASWA split. Curtis won a reversed decision from the Professional. Curtis was flipped into the ropes and literally hung himself by his neck. The Pro "freed" him elbow smashing him through the ropes then won with a neckbreaker. The Pro then came of the top rope with a knee drop after the bell and the decision was reversed. The next week on TV Curtis was beating Buddy Colt with a sleeper hold when Colt rammed Curtis head into a turnbuckle and used a neckbreaker to when.