Wrestler: Don Bass
Real Name: Donald Welch
Hometown: West Memphis, Arkansas
Billed from Greasy Corner, Arkansas
Billed from Dallas, Texas
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Debut: 1973
Previous Gimmicks: [Singing Cowboy]
The Rock'N'Roll Phantum
Fire (part of Fire & Flames)
"Dandy" Don Bass
"Texas" Don Bass
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: The Fabulous Ones
Jerry Lawler
Bill Dundee
Billy Travis
Jeff Jarrett
Alex Krisis (AAW)
Steve Keirn (USWA)

  • Arkansas All Star Wrestling Southwest title ();
  • USWA Heavyweight title ();
  • CWA (Memphis) Tag Team titles w/Gary Young ();
  • AWA Southern Heavyweight title ();
  • AWA Southern Tag Team titles -as Fire- w/Flame ();

  • Don Bass formed a successful heel tag team with Ron Bass known as the Bass Brothers managed by Maw Bass..
  • Don Bass (as "Fire") formed a tag team with Roger Smith (as "Flames") known as "Fire & Flames" feuding with The Fabulous Ones..
  • Managers Included: Maw Bass, Jimmy Hart, Boss Winders, Zeek Rivers, Tojo Yamamoto, Miss Sylvia, & Downtown Bruno..
  • July 7, 2006--Legends Show: Aeon Flexx & Don Bass defeated Deathwish & Dusty Wolfe...
  • February 10, 2007--Legends Show: Jerry Lawler & Rodney Grimes defeated Brickhouse Brown & Don Bass.