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Wrestler: Dick "The Bulldog" Brower
Real Name: Richard T. Gland
Birthday: September 17, 1933
Hometown: Born in Hamilton, Ontario
Moved to Delaware
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'8" - 270lbs
Trained by:
Debut: Late 1950s
Titles: British Empire Championship
Previous Gimmicks: The Delaware Destroyer
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: The Kangaroos
The Love Brothers
Bruno Sammartino
The Sheik
Mighty Igor
Johnny Powers

  • Dick Brower dropped out of chiropractic school to become a wrestler..
  • Dick Brower began his career as a good guy but developed into one of the most hated villians the sport has ever seen..
  • Dick Brower began his wrestling career in the late 1950s as the Delaware Destroyer, in Deleware..
  • Dick Brower moved on to Calgary and worked for Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling..
  • Dick Brower eventually moved on to Toronto and worked for Frank Tunney's Maple Leaf Wrestling..
  • ~~~Dick Brower formed a popular tag team with Whipper Watson while wrestling in Toronto..
  • Dick Brower did double-duty, working as a heel for Vince McMahon Sr in the WWWF and the Sheik in Detroit at the same time..
  • Dick Brower retired in the late 80s..
  • September 16, 1997: Dick Brower (64) died of complications following hip surgery, having been ill with diabetes for a long time..
    Lorraine (Bo) Gland of Newark, Delaware wrote in: Hi there! I just found your site and just wanted to let you know that my dad was Dicky's cousin. (which makes me his 2nd cousin, of course) ---- I used to watch him all the time on tv wrestling...when I was little. I used to love to watch him (when he was the good guy...LOL) His thigh was as big as my two legs put together and more at one point and time. ----- He was a very, very kind hearted man and doted over his three children. He really was a great guy! And is deeply missed by his family and friends in Delaware.

    Mitch Wilkes wrote in: Hi! Just wanted to see if you would let me put my two cents in...i grew up right up the road from bulldog brower and his family(or at least his sister) and they seemed like very nice folks to me...they would come into my parents store regularly and buy chicken feed and cat feed etc...to see this guy on t v once in a while on wwwf was a real treat for me when i was a kid...I actually became a fan because of this...I never really paid attention to pro wrestling until I met the bulldog...sincerely .... mitch from corrells feed service store