Wrestler: Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer
Real Name: Richard J. Beyer
Birthday: July 11, 1931
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Marital Status: Married to Wilma
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 265 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1954
Previous Gimmicks: Dr. X
The Destroyer
The Intelligent, Sensational Destroyer
Finishing Move: The Figure Four (Dr. X)
Favorite Moves: Airplane Spin
The Dropkick
Notable Feuds: Rikidozan
Fred Blassie

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  • WWA World title (3);
  • WWA World Tag Team titles;
  • P.W.F. United States title;
  • (Los Angeles) WWA World Heavyweight tTitle (3);
  • (Los Angeles) WWA World Tag Team titles (2);
  • (Portland) NWA PNW Tag Team titles (2);
  • (Portland) NWA PNW Heavyweight title (2);
  • (San Francisco) NWA World Tag Team titles;
  • (Japan) JWA Asian Tag Team title;
  • (Dallas) World Class World Tag Team titles;
  • AWA World Heavyweight title;
  • (Montreal) Canadian International title;
  • (Japan) All Japan World Masked Wrestling title;

  • Dick Beyer played varsity football at Syracuse University during the 1950, 1951 and 1952 seasons..
  • ~~~~~~He was a member of the squad that played in the 1953 Orange Bowl..
  • ~~~~~~He also was on the Syracuse University wrestling team..
  • Dick Beyer began his career unmasked and later donned two separate masks..
  • Dick Beyer (wrestling as Dr.X) defeated Verne Gagne for the AWA World Heavyweight title..
  • August 14, 1970 - AWA Comiskey Park: Paul Diamond defeated Dr. X (Dick Beyer)..
  • The Destroyer was the first North American to "get over" in Japan..
  • The Destroyer feuded with Rikidozan in the most significant series of matches in Japanese history..
  • The Destroyer holds the distinction of holding the last singles victory over Rikidozan..
  • Dick Beyer paved the way for other American wrestlers to play their trade in Japan..

    Greg Kelly wrote: I found a bit online about Dick Beyer & Mark Lewin's bad blood which resulted in The Destroyer's tour here (Australia) being cancelled by Barnett & Doyle, Lewin'd dislike of Beyer went back to 67 in LA when Beyer wouldn't job for the WWA champion Lewin, Beyer told Verne Gagne that he was planning a world tour but had a hole in his schedule from Jan to March 71 so Gagne said that Barnett had been bugging him for talent for ages so Gagne rang Barnett in front of Beyer & offered Barnett the choice of either Destroyer or Dr X & that Beyer would work for $650 a week, Barnett said that he'd like the Destroyer but when Beyer was working in Samoa he rang Australia & found out out that it had been cancelled, he found out that Lewin who was a big star here went to Barnett & had it cancelled, he'd told Barnett that it was him or Beyer, Lewin was doing big business here so Beyer was cancelled, Dick went to New Zealand for Steve Rickard instead initially as himself & then as Destroyer & did sell out business there so then Barnett wanted him again but Dick said no he'd had his chance, Beyer did an interview at the office of a New Zealand newspaper as himself & then returned a week later with the mask on & nobody at the newspaper recognised that it was the same guy. (I went looking for that article where I found the info about their heat & it was by Steve Yohe, he'd be better off with the credit than me.)

    BottomlessJack wrote: ....One of The Destroyer's last runs was in April-June of 1984 with Bill Watts' Mid-South Wrestling. The Destroyer came in to actually groom a man he had trained and converted from collegiate wrestling to the pro's in Mark Ragin. In order to get Ragin a spot with Mid South and really teach him the ways of the ring, Destroyer came in and worked the horn with Mark for a month or two, usually leading to draws IIRC. The most noteworthy thing about this run was The Destroyer actually wore a yellow "Assassin's" mask and was called The Shadow! He had televised matches with both Magnum TA & Terry Taylor, both matches were competitive but short with the faces grabbing the wins. Hope this helped.