[Debbie Combs Gallery]
Wrestler: Debbie Coombs
Real Name: Debbie Combs
Hometown: Fort Campbell, Kentucky
Marital Status: Once dated Randy Savage
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Cora Combs
Debut: 1975 (age 16)
Previous Gimmicks: Princess D (Nashville)
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Robbie Rage
Candi Divine

  • Debbie Combs was on the road with her mother (lady wrestler Cora Combs) from 6 months old..
  • ~~~While her mother was in the ring she had babysitters like Ella Waldek & Mars Bennett..
  • ~~~Cora Combs trained Debbie and, in fact, was Debbie's opponent, as the masked "Lady Satan", in most of her early matches..
  • 1975: Debbie Combs debuted at the Louisville Gardens at the age of 16, it was in a 7-girl battle royal & she was the first eliminated.
  • Debbie Combs dated Randy Savage for 5 years while they were working for Angelo Poffo’s ICW..
  • Debbie Combs wrestled in Japan, Nigeria, Britain & Fiji;
  • ~~~Debbie didn’t care for the 6 weeks she spent in Japan when she was 18 as she was the only western worker on that tour..
  • Late 1990s: After years as a popular "babyface", Debbie Combs had a run as heel with Nashville's Music City Wrestling..
  • ~~~She called herself by the nickname of "Princess D" and worked the manager of Brickhouse Brown..
  • ~~~~~Debbie Combs also worked as a wrestler and won the Music City Wrestling Woman's title..
  • Debbie Combs was also president & matchmaker of Women’s Professional Wrestling promotion (WPW) for a time..