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Valet/Wrestler: Dawn Marie
Real Name: Dawn-Marie Psaltis
Birthday: November 3, 1970
Rahway, NJ
Hometown: Woodbridge, NJ
Marital Status: Divorced from Simon Diamond
Height & Weight: 5'7" - 120 lbs.
Trained by: Simon Diamond
Mikey Whipwreck
Debut: January 1995
Previous Gimmicks: Beulah McGuillislutty
Tammy Lynn Bytch
Dawn Marie Bytch
Dawn Marie Renaldi
Dawn Marie Wilson
Finishing Move: Reverse Splash
Favorite Moves: Atomic Drop
Notable Feuds: Francine
Torrie Wilson
Stacy Keibler
Miss Jackie
Michelle McCool

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Extreme Championship Wrestling:
  • August 28, 1998: Lance Storm hired a valet of his own to feud with Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch..
  • ~~~It turned out to be Dawn Marie, who called herself "Tammy Lynn Bytch", and later changed to Dawn Marie Bytch..
  • April 22, 2000--CyberSlam: Lance Storm & Dawn Marie beat Super Nova & Jazz in a "Mixed Tag Team" match..
  • Dawn Marie later became the valet to the Impact Players, Lance Storm and Justin Credible..

    World Wrestling Entertainment:
  • April 2002 - Dawn Marie signed with the WWF and is scheduled to appear on Vince McMahon's Smackdown! brand, most likely as Lance Storm's valet..
  • April 2002 - Dawn injures her ankle in a House Show Match with Kim Neilsen.. Postponing her Television debut..
  • May 30, 2002 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie makes her Smackdown! debut as Vince McMahon's accountant.. Vince McMahon, of course, slobbers all over Dawn Marie..
  • October 3, 2002 - Smackdown!: Torrie defeats Dawn Marie in a Bikini Contest but Dawn attacks Torrie after the match!
  • Oct 10, 2002 - Smackdown!: Dawn is defeated by Torrie in a Ligerie Showdown, but gives Mr. Wilson the card to her hotel room after.
  • October 17, 2002 - Smackdown!: Matt Hardy & Dawn Marie defeats Rikishi & Torrie Wilson..
  • October 20, 2002 - No Mercy: Dawn Marie is defeated by Torrie Wilson in a regular match..
  • October 24, 2002 - Smackdown: Dawn tries to make peace with Torrie Wilson but continues her affair with Al Wilson..
  • October 31, 2002 - Smackdown!: Torrie defeats Dawn Marie in a "trick or treak" match -- aka chocolate syrup..
  • November 7, 2002 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie recieves a proposal from Al Wilson and she says YES!
  • November 28, 2002 - Smackdown!: Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie get into a food fight on the Thanksgiving Smackdown! special..
  • December 5, 2002 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie confesses her feelings for Torrie, and blackmails her into meeting her at a motel later!
  • December 12, 2002 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie was supposed to call of the wedding but instead she reaffirms her love for Al Wilson..
  • December 15, 2002 - Armageddon: Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie kill the crowd with their 15 minute lesbian tease segment..
  • December 19, 2002 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie invites all Smackdown! viewers to tune into Smackdown! in two weeks for her wedding..
  • January 2, 2003 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie & Al Wilson get married in their underwear LIVE on Smackdown --- lame.
  • January 9, 2003 - Smackdown!: Dawn & Al Wilson show a ridiculous series of "honeymoon" segments, ending in Al going into a coma..
  • January 16, 2003 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie participates in the lowest moment in WWE history, Al Wilson's funeral click for more..
  • January 19, 2003 - Royal Rumble: Torrie Wilson defeats Dawn Marie --- where's my remote control..
  • March 13, 2003 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie comes out to the ring and flashes her breasts to promote the Girls Gone Wild PPV..
  • April 24, 2003 - Smackdown!: Sable hosts the Sable Invitational Bikini Contest which ends with Sable, Nidia & Dawn attacking Torrie!
  • May 1, 2003 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie & Nidia defeats Torrie Wilson & Sable after Sable walks out on Torrie..
  • June 14, 2003 - WWE Live Event: Gail Kim defeats Dawn Marie -- this was Gail Kim's first match after going on the road with WWE..
  • September 4, 2003 - Smackdown!: Shaniqua interrupts a bikini contest and demolishes Torrie Wilson, Nidia & Dawn Marie..
  • September 11, 2003 - Smackdown!: Shaniqua beat Dawn Marie by DQ after Torrie Wilson & Nidia interfered to stop the beating..
  • October 30, 2003 - Smackdown!: Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie have a "Trick or Treat" contest (I forget who wins)..
  • December 4, 2003 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie resurfaces as a members of Paul Heyman's administration, willing to do "anything"..
  • December 18, 2003 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie appeares for the 2nd week as Heyman's assistant with a tight dress and did not speak..
  • December 25, 2003 - Smackdown! in Iraq: Torrie defeated Sable & Dawn Marie in a "Santas Little Helper" contest..
  • January 2004 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie pops up on Smackdown! as the administrative assistant of General Manager Paul Heyman..
  • January 29, 2004 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie had a prominent role tonight, picking balls from the Royal Rumble tumbler!
  • February 5, 2004 - Smackdown!: Paul Heyman tells Dawn Marie to not have a "costume malfunction" on his show! (ah-la Janet Jacket)
  • May 16, 2004 - Judgment Day: Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie in a meaningless Divas Match..
  • May 27, 2004 - SD!: Spike Dudley & Torrie Wilson defeated Jamie Noble & Dawn Marie..
  • July 22, 2004 - Smackdown!: Torrie, Sable, Jackie & Dawn Marie were all FIRED by Kurt Angle (who was later fired by V.McMahon!)
  • July 29, 2004 - Smackdown!: The NEW General Manager Theodore Long rehires all the divas and promises to push them on the show..
  • September 23, 2004 - Smackdown!: Mae Young & Fabulous Moolah defeated Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie in a "School Girl" match..
  • September 30, 2004 - Smackdown!: The Dudley Boyz defeated Charlie Haas & Rico after Haas was distracted by Jackie & Dawn Marie..
  • ~~~Dawn Marie announced that Charlie Haas and Miss Jackie were engaged, but also claimed she was having an affair with Haas..
  • October 3, 2004 - No Mercy: Rico & Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie defeated The Dudley Boyz & Dawn Marie..
  • ~~~Dawn Marie expressed her prediction to Miss Jackie that her marriage wouldn't last very long..
  • November 4, 2004 - Smackdown!: Miss Jackie vs Dawn Marie (Arm Wrestling) started a catfight, with Charlie Haas getting involved..
  • November 25, 2004 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie (Indian) vs Miss Jackie (Pilgrim) ended in a NO CONTEST (pull apart catfight)..
  • December 9, 2004 - Smackdown!: Charlie Haas was injured by Jesus, bringing Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie down to check on him..
  • December 12, 2004 - Armageddon: Dawn Marie defeated Miss Jackie when Charlie Haas (referee) turned on Miss Jackie!
  • ~~~After the match, Charlie Haas admitted to having an affair with Dawn Marie and called off the engagement!
  • ~~~Charlie Haas asked Dawn to marry him but then called her a slut and said he'd never marry either of them!
  • December 23, 2004 - Smackdown! in Iraq: Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie & Miss Jackie appear as obligatory T&A the U.S. troops..
  • February 20, 2005 - No Way Out: Dawn Marie co-hosted a Diva Contest between Joy vs Michelle vs Lauren vs Rochelle..
  • February 21, 2005--Live Event: Torrie b Dawn Marie, Jackie, Joy Giovanni, Michelle, Lauren & Rochelle in a Best Body Contest..
  • March 3, 2005 - Smackdown!: The Big Show & Michelle McCool defeated Rene Dupree & Dawn Marie..
  • March 17, 2005 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie attacked Michelle McCool as they were posing for St. Patricks Day photos with the fans!
  • March 24, 2005 - Smackdown!: Dawn Marie pinned Michelle McCool in a Catfight by using the ropes for leverage..
  • April 7, 2005 - Smackdown!: Torrie Wilson beat Dawn Marie, Jackie, Joy, Michelle and Lauren in a Viva Las Vegas Bikini Contest..
  • April 14, 2005 - Smackdown!: Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie in a Divas Match..
  • May 2005: Dawn Marie is taken off TV likely because she is reportedly pregnant (THIS IS NOW CONFIRMED TO BE TRUE)..
  • June 12, 2005 - ECW One Night Stand: Lance Storm w/Dawn Marie defeated Chris Jericho with help from Justin Credible & Jason!
  • July 6, 2005: Dawn Marie was released from her WWE contract along with a dozen or so others..

  • December 20, 2005: Dawn Marie gave birth to a baby boy, and named him Matthew!
  • Dawn Marie filed a complaint against WWE with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming wrongful termination..
  • June 3, 2006--National Wrestling Superstars: Lex Luger w/Tammy Sytch defeated Johnny Candido w/Dawn Marie..