Team: The Davidsons
Members: Rick & John Davidson
Trained by:
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves: Body slams
Other Names: The Bounty Hunters (Detroit)
Notable Feuds: Shawnee Bob
Tojo Yamamoto
Al Pago Pago
Bobby Eaton
Lanny Poffo

  • NWA (Detroit) World Tag Team titles -as the Bounty Hunters-;

  • Rick & John Davidson were legitimate brothers and they were big guys, well over six feet tall and 265lbs or so..
  • Rick Davidson appeared in California and in Arizona in the early 1980s as a singles wrestler, without his brother..
  • ~~~Rick Davidson also had a brief feud with Jody Arnold, the regional main event star at the time..
  • ~~~Rick Davidson died from a severe staph infection...

    Madison Carter wrote: As told to me by Rick Davidson, Jr. back when I was running WWoW, and later confirmed by Percy Pringle while he was posting on WrestlingClassics, Rick (Sr.) was also the second Red River Jack in World Class, the one they used when they needed to show Brody and RRJ together. Not sure if he had any actual matches under the guise, though. The second RRJ has long been mistakenly believed to be a young Undertaker (even Meltzer kept this urban legend going for years), but that's incorrect.