Wrestler: David Samartino
Real Name: David Lugogo Sammartino
Birthday: September 26
Hometown: Georgia
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'8 - 245lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1980
Previous Gimmicks: David Lugogo
Bruno Sammartino Jr.
Finishing Move: Figure Four Leglock
Favorite Moves: Torture Rack
Notable Feuds: Brutus Beefcake

  • New York State Wrestling Federation title defeating Jimmy Cicero (2000);

  • David Sammartino is the son of the legendary Bruno Sammartino..
  • 1981: David Sammartino wrestled in Georgia Championship Wrestling as Bruno Sammartino Jr..
  • Wrestlemania I: David Sammartino (with Bruno in his corner) defeated Brutus Beefcake (seconded by Johnny V)..
  • 1986: David Sammartino wrestled briefly for the AWA and recieved a World title shot against Stan Hansen on TV..
  • David Sammartino worked for the Universal Wrestling Federation for a short time..
  • David Sammartino toured the indy circuit wrestling around the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York areas..
  • December 16, 1996 - WCW Nitro: David Sammartino was defeated by Cruiserweight Champion, Dean Malenko..
  • 2000 - New Rochelle, NY: David Sammartino defeated Jimmy Cicero to win the New York State Wrestling Federation title..
  • David Sammartino claims he has not spoken to his father in years and his children suffer from not knowing their grandfather..