Wrestler: Dale Lewis
Real Name:
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Debut: 1961
Previous Gimmicks: Doctor Blood -masked-
Finishing Move: The Lewis Lock
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds: Bugsy McGraw
Tarzan Tyler
Cyclone Negro
Bob Orton
El Mongol

  • AWA World Tag Team titles w/Pat Kennedy (1961);
  • Georgia State Heavyweight title defeating The Professional (1968);
  • AWA World Tag Team titles w/Pat Kennedy defeating Bob Geigel & Hard Boiled Hagerty (November 16, 1961);
  • Midwest Tag Team titles w/Stan Pulaski defeating Reggie Parks & Doug Gilbert (April 13, 1968);
  • GCW Heavweight title defeating The Professional (Doug Gilbert) (December 27, 1968);
  • CWF Heavyweight title defeating Cyclone Negro (August 26, 1969);
  • CWF Brass Knucks title defeating Bugsy McGraw (November 4, 1969);
  • CWF Brass Knucks title defeating Tarzan Tyler (May 5, 1969);
  • NWA Southern Heavyweight title defeating Bob Orton Sr. (April 11, 1970);
  • Pacific Northwest Heavyweight title defeating Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka (January 11, 1974);
  • Canadian Tag Team titles w/Gene Kiniski defeating Guy Mitchell & Bulldog Drumond (May 19, 1975);
  • Canadian Tag Team titles w/Mr. Saito defeating Rick Hunter & Guy Mitchell (August 10, 1975);

  • Dale Lewis competed in the 1956 & 1960 Olympics for the US in Greco-Roman Wrestling in Melbourne, Australia - he did not place..
  • Dale Lewis won two NCAA titles in 1960 & 1961 while wrestling for the University of Oklahoma Sooners..
  • November 16, 1961: Dale Lewis & Pat Kennedy beat Bob Geigel & Hard Boiled Hagerty to win the AWA World Tag Team titles..
  • November 23, 1961: Bob Geigel & Otto Von Krupp beat Dale Lewis & Pat Kennedy for the AWA World tag team titles.
  • January 1, 1966--Atlanta: Dale Lewis defeated Les Welch..
  • January 7, 1966--Atlanta: Dale Lewis defeated Sputnik Monroe..
  • January 11, 1966--Atlanta: Mario Galento defeated Dale Lewis in a $1000 vs hair fence match (Monroe aided Galento)..
  • January 21, 1966--Atlanta: Dale Lewis defeated Charlie Harbin and Spuntik Monroe...
  • April 13, 1968: Dale Lewis & Stan Pulaski defeated Reggie Parks & Doug Gilbert to win the MidWest Tag Team titles..
  • December 27, 1968: Dale Lewis defeated The Professional (Doug Gilbert) to win the Georgia Title in Atlanta..
  • 1969: Dale Lewis had a masked partner in Florida known as Doctor Blood (a name Lewis would use 3 years later)..
  • August 26, 1969: Dale Lewis defeated Cyclone Negro to win the Florida State Title in Tampa, Florida..
  • November 4, 1969: Dale Lewis defeated Bugsy McGraw to win the Brass Knucks Trophy in Tampa, Florida..
  • December 22, 1969: Masa Saito (of Japan) defeated Dale Lewis for the Florida Heavyweight title..
  • April 11, 1970: Dale Lewis defeated Bob Orton Sr. to win the Southern Heavyweight Title..
  • May 5, 1970: Dale Lewis defeated Tarzan Tyler to win the Brass Knucks Trophy for a second time in Miami..
  • 1972: Dale Lewis lost a slightly slow but very scientific match to Danny Hodge at the Atlanta City Auditorium..
  • 1972: Dale Lewis returned to Atlanta as the masked "Doctor Blood" before getting unmasked by "Cowboy" Bill Watts..
  • December 1973: The Saints (Dale Lewis & Lonnie Lee) debut in St. Pete holding State Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~The Saints (Dale Lewis & Lonnie Lee) vs The Brothers LeDuc ended in a time limit draw...
  • ~~~Dale Lewis abandoned the mask angle and left the area..
  • January 11, 1974: Dale Lewis defeated Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka to win the Pacific Northwest title...
  • May 19, 1975: Dale Lewis & Gene Kiniski defeated Guy Mitchell & Bulldog Drumond to win the Canadian Tag Team titles..
  • August 10, 1975: Dale Lewis & Mr. Saito defeated Rick Hunter & Guy Mitchell to win the Canadian Tag Team titles..
  • Dale Lewis also wrestled up in the Vancouver territory, teaming with Gene Kiniski, Mr Saito and others..
  • Dale Lewis spent a good percentage of his professional career wrestling in Florida..
  • August 30, 1997: Dale Lewis passed away -- RIP..

    Robert L. Howell wrote an odd note: The week or so before the Bill Watts match Doctor Blood defeated Butcher Brannigan (Joe Nova) on Georgia Championship Wrestling with the same Oklahoma Stampede (Bouncing Novas back off the turnbuckle and power slamming) that Watts would use to beat and unmask Lewis the next week.

    Dale Lewis often bet $1000 dollars on a match if he lost in 20 or 30 minutes. Lewis claimed a victory over Monroe and Harbin but actually lost after the 30 minute mark saving the $1000. Lewis had insulted and roughed up referee Harbin starting a fight