Wrestler: DC Drake
Real Name: Don Clyde Drake
Birthday: September 16, 1957
Hometown: Lives in Fall River, MA
Marital Status: Married
Height & Weight: 6'0" - 245lbs
Trained by: Tito Torres
Debut: 1980
Previous Gimmicks: Don Clyde
Don Stallion
DC "Mad Dog" Drake
Finishing Move: Powerslam
Favorite Moves: Full Nelson
Notable Feuds: Cactus Jack
Bruiser Brody
Larry Winters
Jules Strongbow
Sgt Slaughter

  • Continental Wrestling Alliance title;
  • National Wrestling Federation Heavyweight title;
  • Tri-State Wrestling Alliance title (later became ECW);

  • DC Drake had several Cage matches with Bruiser Brody and Jules Strongbow..
  • DC Drake wrestled an NWF Title bout in Albany, NY with Superstar Billy Graham..
  • DC Drake had several tours of Japan and the Philippines..
  • 1995: DC Drake's final match was with Mick Foley in Philadelphia and was documented in Mick Foley's first book..
  • February 25, 1995 - ECW Return of the Funker: Cactus Jack defeated D.C. Drake..
  • DC Drake was the television producer of NWF Championship Wrestling Shows, and booker for NWF shows..
  • DC Drake hosted a weekly entertainment & wrestling talk show on WTTC Channel 13 in Eastern PA, and WECC Channel 17 in CT..
  • DC Drake lived in Pennsylvania and did a lot of High School anti-drug assemblies..
  • DC Drake used to put Alka-Seltzers in his mouth to get the frothing-rabies affect, thus the " Mad Dog " moniker..
  • Don Drake is now a psychologist and a Director of a substance abuse treatment facility in Fall River, MA called Steppingstone Inc..
  • August 27, 2005--WrestleReunion: Wendi Richter & George South Jr & The Patriot beat Amy Love & D.C. Drake & Gary Royal..