Team: The Collosal Connection
Members: Andre The Giant & Haku
Manager: Bobby Heenan
Debut: 1990
Titles: WWF Tag Team Titles
Finishing Move: Cresant Kick (Haku)
The Elbow Drop (Andre)
Favorite Moves: Chops (Andre)
Notable Feuds: King Jim Duggan

[Andre The Giant Gallary]
[Haku Gallary]

  • April 1989: Andre & Haku (members of the Heenan Family were brought together after Haku lost his "Crown" to Jim Duggan..
  • December 13, 1989: The Collosal Connection defeated Demolition (Ax & Smash) to capture the WWF Tag Team titles!
  • The Collosal Connection broke up at Wrestlemania VI after losing the tag team titles to Demolition..