Wrestler: Chris Colt
Real Name: Charles Harris
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Paul Dupree
Chuck Dupree
Maurice Chevier (Gulf Coast)
Chuck Harris
Jim Dillinger
American Dream Machine
Don Juan the Magnificent
The American Dream (England)
Finishing Move: Knee To The Back or Chest
Favorite Moves: Flying Elbow Smash
Forign Object use

Notable Feuds:
El Bracero
John Boy Ruffin
Tom Ramirez
The Hornets 1 & 2
Al Seneceros
Ron Dupree
Kurt Von Streiger
Whipper Watson Jr.
Eddie Sullivan
Jackie & Don Fargo
Eddie Lopez
Johnny Valiant
John Boy Ruffin
Jeff Hodge
Benny Mendeblis
Notable Feuds:
George Gulas
Bobby Eaton
Ron Garfield
Don Kent
Ricky Thompson
Alexis Smirnoff
Al Madril
Mundo Manuel
George Wells
Reggie Parks
Pepper Gomez
Bobby Eaton
Afa Anoai
El Bracero
Jack Frisco

  • Western States World Tag Team titles w/Ronnie Dupree ();
  • Western States Tag Team titles w/Bobby Mayne ();
  • Arizona States Heaveight title ();

  • Jack Dillinger recruited Jim Dillinger (Chris Colt) to reform The Chain Gang in WWA Indianapolis..
  • ~~~This version of the Chain Gang eventually split up and Chuck Harris became known as "Chris Colt"..
  • Chris Colt used the names Chuck Dupree and Paul Dupree when he and Ronnie Dupree teamed as "The Commancharos"..
  • ~~~He and Ronnie worked in the Gulf Coast starting in 1967 as "Golden Boy" Ron Dupree & Chuck Dupree..
  • Chris Colt had a brief run in England as "The American Dream" but was fired by the promotion when he was considered unreliable..
  • Early 1990s: Chris Colt passed away in Washington after a battle with drugs and alcohol addiction..