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Wrestler: Chris Champion
Real Name: Dennis Ashford-Smith
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Kowabunga (Memphis)
Yoshi Kwan (WCW)
Finishing Move:
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:

  • Southern Wrestling Federation Tag Team titles w/Blackie West defeating Team Freedom (February 3, 2006);

  • Chris Champion's brother is also a wrestler, former WCW jobber Mark Starr, who teamed with Chris Kanyon in "Men at Work"..
  • Chris Champion formed a tag team with Sean Royal known as The New Breed, a team that travelled from year 2002..
  • Chris Champion then went to USWA where he teamed with his brother Mark Starr in a team known as "WildSide"..
  • July 19, 2002: Chris Champion suffered a major stroke and is in the critical care unit of St. Thomas Hospital in Shelbyville, TN
  • Chris Champion is currently wrestling in the Middle Tennessee area and has been tag team champions with Blackie West.
  • January 27, 2006--Southern Wrestling Federation: The SS (Blackie West & Chris Champion) defeated JP Jones & Max Carnage..
  • February 3, 2006--Southern Wrestling Federation: The SS beat Team Freedom (JP Jones & Max Carnage) to win the Tag Team titles..