Wrestler: Chief Kit Fox
Real Name: Kit Fox
Hometown: Anadarko, Oklahoma
Marital Status: Single
Height & Weight: 6 - 234 lbs
Trained by: Leroy McGuirk.
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Bow and Arrow
Favorite Moves: Tomahawk Chop
Notable Feuds:
The Great Bolo
Gorilla Monsoon
Freddie Blassie
The Briscos
Danny Hodge
Lou Thesz
Skandor Akbar
Killer Karl Kox
Fritz von Erich
Danny Hodge
Buddy Rodgers
Notable Feuds:
Johnny Valentine
Gorilla Monsoon
Skandor Akbar
Killer Karl Kox
Swede Hanson
Verne Gagne
Mike Graham
Cowboy Bill Watts
Sputnik Monroe
Mr. Fuji
Bobby Heenan

  • NWA Tag Team titles

  • Chief Kit Fox was billed from Anadarko, Oklahoma and belonged to the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma..
  • Chief Kit Fox worked all over the world as the tag team partner of Chief Big Heart from the Late 50s to Early 70s..
  • A car accident ended both Kit Fox's and Big Heart's wrestling careers..

    Rick Valentine wrote: Chief kit fox was my uncle. Notable Feuds: Gorilla monsoon, skandor akbar, killer Karl kox, Swede Hanson, Verne gagne, mike graham, cowboy bill watts, Danny Hodge, fritz von Erich, buddy Rodgers, sputnik Monroe, Johnny valentine, mr Fuji, bobby henna. Has a nephew in wrestling went has chief kit fox jr and Rick valentine but is now known as Mustafa Sharmoot and being managed by skandor akbar.