Wrestler: Charlie Fulton
Real Name: Gary Fulton
Hometown: Billed from Findlay, Ohio
Now lives near Marion Ohio
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 62" - 240lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1968
Previous Gimmicks: Black Demon (one night - 10/4/82)
Finishing Move: The Piledriver
Favorite Moves: The Powerslam
Elbow Smash
Notable Feuds: Ronnie Lee
Zoltan the Great
Pete Sanchez (WWF)
Tony Garea (WWF)
Johnny Rodz (WWF)
Eddie Gilbert (WWF)
Tony Atlas (WWF)
Jose Luis Rivera (WWF)
S.D. Jones (WWF)
Salvatore Bellomo (WWF)
B. Brian Blair (WWF)
Rocky Johnson (WWF)
Steve Travis (WWF)
Ron Ritchie (MACW)

  • Western Ohio Heavyweight title;

  • January 13, 1981--Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling: Ric Flair defeated Charlie Fulton..
  • January 26, 1981--Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling: Bruno Sammartino defeated Charlie Fulton..
  • April 1, 1981--Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling: Ricky Steamboat defeated Charlie Fulton..
  • Early 1980s: Charlie Fulton was a regular "jobber to the stars" in the World Wrestling Federation..
  • July 23, 1984--WWF (Madison Square Garden): Antonio Inoki defeated Charlie Fulton..
  • Charlie Fulton's career was sidelined by a heart condition so he became a trainer in Ohio..
  • Charlie Fulton trained Johnny Parisi and Chris Harris, and helped train Raven..