Wrestler: Carlos Colon
Real Name: Carlos Colon
Birthday: July 18
Hometown: San Isabel, Puerto Rico
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 510" - 246 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: 1965
Previous Gimmicks: Prince Kukuya
Carlos Belafonte (Stampede)
Finishing Move: Belly-to-belly Cradle Suplex
Favorite Moves: Top Rope Vertical Splash
Figure Four Leg Lock
The Headbutt
Notable Feuds: Adbullah The Butcher
Dory Funk Jr.

[Carlos Colon Gallery]

  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) Universal Heavyweight title (26);
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) Hardcore title (2);
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) Puerto Rican Heavyweight title (9);
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) World Heavyweight title (2);
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) World Tag Team titles (3);
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) World Junior Heavyweight title ();
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) Television title (3);
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) North American title (8);
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) North American Tag Team titles (10);
  • Dory Funk's BANG Television Tag Team titles w/Carlos Colon defeating Dory Funk & Johnny Magnum (July 31, 2005);

  • Carlos Colon is the head Promoter for WWC (World Wrestling Council), along with Victor Jovica which was formed in 1973..
  • December 18, 1983: Carlos Colon defeated NWA World champion Ric Flair in a "title unification" match in a steel cage in Puerto Rico..
  • ~~~The title change was not recognised by the NWA and the World title was renamed the WWC Universal Heavyweight title..
  • Carlos Colon wrestled former NWA World Champions Dory Funk Jr, Terry Funk and Ronnie Garvin..
  • ~~~As well as Tully Blanchard, Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Abdullah the Butcher and Ernie Ladd over the WWC Universal title..
  • WWF Royal Rumble 1993: Carlos Colon was a special guest participant in the Royal Rumble match, won by Yokozuna..
  • Mid-November/2001 - Noel Colon, the younger brother of Carlos, was shot to death yesterday at Noon at his work in San Juan..
  • ~~~Colon, a union head, had fired Juan Negron, who came back to the office with a gun and allegedly blew him away..
  • August 7, 2004--WWC: Carlos Colon & Chicky Starr defeated Super Gladiador & Bronco..
  • July 16 2005--WWC Bruiser Brody Memorial: Jose Estrada Sr defeated Carlos Colon in a Legends Match..
  • July 31, 2005--Dory Funk's BANG: Carlos & Eddie Colon defeated Dory Funk & Johnny Magnum to win TV Tag Team titles..
  • August 26, 2005--WWE in Puerto Rico: Carlito Cool hosted a special edition of his Cabana with his father Carlos Colon as his guest!
  • ~~~Carlito Cool had the audacity to spit an apple in his father's face, bringing out Ric Flair to make the save!
  • March 5, 2006--World Wrestling Legends PPV: Vampiro defeated Eddie Colon w/Carlos Colon..