Wrestler: Buddy Wolff
Real Name: Les Wolff
Hometown: Lived in Hackensack, New Jersey
Billed from St Cloud, Minnesota
Marital Status: Married to Vivian Vachon
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Debut: 1970 (Atlanta)
Previous Gimmicks: Les Wolff (debut)
Hackensack Hammer
Finishing Move: Reverse Neckbreaker
Favorite Moves: Boston Crab
Notable Feuds: Ole Anderson (Carolinas)
Paul Demarco (GA)
The Assassins (GA)
Johnny Valentine(Texas)
Stan Pulaski (Nebraska)
Wahoo McDaniel (Texas)

  • (Oklahoma) United States Tag Team titles w/Spoiler #1 defeating The Kentuckians (1971);
  • Texas Heavyweight title defeating Al Madril (November 3, 1975) -- lost it to John Tolos;

  • In The Beginning:
  • July 8, 1968: Ole Anderson defeated Les Wolff in Fayetteville, North Carolina..
  • 1969: Before coming to Atlanta, Les Wolff feuded with Ole Anderson in the Carolina/Virginia area.
  • ~~~Les Wolff claimed Ole had purposely broken his nose in a training session when they were both training..
  • April 29, 1969: Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson defeated Les Wolff & Jesse James
  • July 24, 1969: Lars & Gene & Ole Anderson wrestled Les Wolff & Mr. Wrestling & Sam Steamboat in Winston Salem NC..
  • 1970--Atlanta Wresting TV: Les Wolff defeated Yasu Fuji by Submission with the Boston Crab.

    Wrestling in Georgia:
  • 1970: Les Wolff debuted under his real name defeating Cyclone Soto in Atlanta....
  • ~~~In his Television debut the next night, Les Wolff defeated Chati Youcouchi.....
  • ~~~Les Wolff pinned The Spoiler (Mike Davis aka Bugsy Magraw) the following week with a Thesz Flying Body Scissors..
  • ~~~Les Wolff held Assassin #1 (Tom Renesto was #1 at this time) to two time limit draws on Atlanta Television..
  • ~~~Les Wolff eventually did the same with Buddy Colt.
  • Les Wolff lost in two or three attempts to beat Paul Demarco including a match in the 2nd round of the GA Title Tournament..
  • Les Wolff vs El Medico (Luis Hernandez) ended in a drew on Atlanta Television..
  • Les Wolff teamed with El Mongol to defeat The Assassins on a reversed decision and also to beat The Blue Demons..
  • Les Wolff also defeated Alex Perez, Oki Shikina and Pedro Valdez while wrestling in Atlanta..
  • Les Wolff defeated Duke Savage (Apache Gringo) in about 1 minute with a Boston Crab on Atlanta TV..
  • Les Wolff's last match in Atlanta was on TV with Joe Scarpa losing to Buddy Colt & Professor Kimura..

    Wrestling Elsewhere:
  • 1971: Buddy Wolff, as Spoiler #2, wore a mask and teamed with Spoiler #1 (Don Jardine) as The Spoilers in Oklahoma..
  • December 28, 1976: Buddy Wolff wrestled Tommy Siegler
  • December 29, 1976: In an 8 Man Elimination Match.. (Tommy Siegler was possibly the last man standing)
  • ~~~Tommy Siegler/Jerry Brisco/Roberto Soto/Joe Leduc beat Buddy Wolff/Hans Schroeder/Buddy Roberts/Jerry Brown
  • January 29, 1977: Buddy Wolff & Ox Baker & Steve Strong vs Joe Leduc & The Brisco Brothers ended in a draw..
  • February 9, 1977: Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco defeated Buddy Wolff & Steve Strong
  • February 16, 1977: Billy Graham & Ox Baker & Buddy Wolff vs The Assassin & Dusty Rhodes & Joe Leduc was a Double DQ
  • February 23, 1977: Ox Baker & Buddy Wolff defeated The Brisco Brothers..
  • March 2, 1977: Buddy Wolff vs Joe Leduc ended in a draw..
  • March 9, 1977: Jos LeDuc & The Assassin defeated Ox Baker & Buddy Wolff ..
  • March 23, 1977: Buddy Wolff defeated Steve Keirn to retain the Florida title..
  • Late 70s/80s: Buddy Wolff formed an impressive team with Lars Anderson working the AWA Hawaii and Florida..

    Robert L. Howell wrote: J.C. Dykes once observed that three young wrestlers, Les Wolff, Bob Armstrong & Paul Jones, were working hard at their craft and if their heath held, and they maintained focus and kept their egos in perspective they would be among the top wrestlers in America in a very few years. He was right.

    Les Wolff left Georgia in 1970 and worked in the AWA under his real name. Then he worked Oklahoma as Don Jardine's partner under the mask as Spoiler #2. The Spoilers won the US Tag Team titles in 1971 from the Kentuckians and lost them to Billy Lyons & Tom Jones. The "Buddy" seemed to come in on his next tour which was Texas. He had big feuds with Wahoo McDanial and Johnny Valentine. He wrestled Bobby Shane and Toru Tanaka not to mention Thunderbolt Patterson. The fact he was winning matches against these guys made Buddy Wolff a big name. A tour of Omaha and Australia followed. The bangs mustache and name change appeared with him in Texas. The heel turn came in Oklahoma but that was masked his full identity change was in Texas.