Wrestler: Buck Robley
Real Name: Phil Buckley
Hometown: Bossier City, Louisiana
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Buckley Christopher George Robley III
Finishing Move: Elbow Drop
Favorite Moves: The Lariat
Notable Feuds: Ken Mantell
Dick Murdoch
Danny Hodge

  • (Tri-State) United States Tag Team titles w/Bob Slaughter (1975);
  • (Tri-State) United States Tag Team titles w/Bill Watts (1975);

  • Buck Robley was given the nickname "Yellow Belly" because of the cowardous heel character he played..
  • ~~~Part of the gimmick was that he wore a yellow shirt that said "Don't Call Me Yellow"..
  • Buck Robley made the trasition from wrestler to manager in the Amarillo promotion where he managed Lorenzo Parente and Bobby Hart..
  • Buck Robley spends his retirement old age time hanging with his buddies in a bar in Bossier City called Crickets..