Wrestler: Bonnie Watson
Real Name: Bonnie Watson-Schwartz
Birthday: June 16, 1932
Hometown: West Union, WV
Marital Status: Married to referee Stu Schwartz
Height & Weight: 5'7" - 150 lbs
Trained by: Dot Dotson
Carol Carota
June Byers
Debut: (in Arizona)
Previous Gimmicks: Betty Co-ED -masked-
Finishing Move: Alligator Clutch
Sunset Flip
Favorite Moves: Head-Lock,
~~~to Hammer-Lock,
~~~~~to Step-Over Toe Hold
Notable Feuds: Sherri Lee (FL)

  • West Virginia Women's title ();
  • Canadian Women's Tag Team titles w/Penny Banner (1956-57);
  • Southern Women's title (1960);
  • Florida State Women's title (June 19, 1971 in St.Petersburg, FL) -- Retired with the belt.....

  • Bonnie Watson wrote: Highlights of my life are our four children, who I'm very proud of and our four grandchildren who give me pleasure everyday, and our two beautiful great-granddaughters! Love them ALL!