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Wrestler/Valet: Bobcat
Real Name: Cynthia Lynch
Hometown: Born in New Jersey
New York City, NY
Marital Status:
Trained by: Steven Regal
Dawn Marie
Height & Weight: 5 8" - 128
Debut: 1998
Titles: NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title
WWF Hardcore Title
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Barroom Stunner
Cameltoe Clutch (Reverse Boston Crab)
Favorite Moves: Tarantula
Notable Feuds: Little Jeanne
Official Website: http://www.missbobcat.com/

  • Cynthia Lynch likes to sing Karaoke with ECW's Sal E Gratziano..
  • Bobcat was the first female to hold the WWF Hardcore Championship -- even wearing 9 inch platforms!
  • Bobcat enjoyed her greatest success in NWA: Wildside (Georgia) as the valet for David Young..
  • Bobcat makes several appearances in Jerry Jarrett's NWA:Total Nonstop Action..