Wrestler: Blitzkrieg
Real Name: Jay Ross
Hometown: California
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'6" - 179 lbs
Trained by:
Debut: November 7, 1994
Previous Gimmicks: Jeremiah Ross
Fabulous Blitzkrieg (PWC)
Finishing Move: Skytwister Press
Favorite Moves: Corkscrew Moonsault
Notable Feuds: American Wild Child

  • Wrestling Observer Newsletter Rookie of the Year 1999;
  • ECPW Tag Team titles w/Skinhead Ivan ();
  • ECPW Light Heavyweight title;

  • Blitzkrieg began his career wrestling at various indys..
  • November 7, 1994, Blitzkrieg debuted teaming with Hellblazer, losing to Mr. Excitement & the original Suicide Kid..
  • Blitzkrieg then toured with the PWC in Japan..
  • Blitzkrieg fought many tough battles against other up-and-coming stars in Japan..
  • Blitzkrieg also wrestled with a few other groups there before coming back to North America.
  • Blitzkrieg returned from his tour, he returned to the fluctuating indy scene..
  • Blitzkrieg also wrestled some in Mexico, where he met stars like Rey Mysterio Jr..
  • Late 1998: Blitzkrieg started working out in the WCW organization..
  • February 1999: Blitzkrieg debuted against Mysterio Jr for the Cruiserweight Title..
  • Spring Stampede 1999: Juventud Guerrera defeated Blitzkrieg..
  • Late 1999: Blitzkrieg soon disappeared from WCW..
  • Blitzkreig has since appeared in Revolution Pro Wrestling & All Pro Wrestling in California..
  • Jay Ross has left the wrestling business and become a Computer Technician..
  • December 12, 2004--Pro Wrestling WAR: Blitzkrieg came out in street clothes and officially gave his gimmick and mask to Jack Evans..