Wrestler: Whipper Billy Watson
Real Name: William Potts
Birthday: July 25, 1917
Hometown: East York, Ontario
Marital Status: First Wife: Patricia Utting
Two Sons: Phil & John
Height & Weight:
Trained by: Phil Lawson
Debut: 1936 vs Tony Bear
Previous Gimmicks: Billy Potts
"The Whip"
Finishing Move: Canuck Commando Unconcious (Sleeper Hold)
Favorite Moves: The Irish Whip
Notable Feuds: Gorgeous George
Gene Kiniski
Lord James Blears
Hans Schmidt
The Sheik
Dick the Bruiser
Earl McCready

  • National Wrestling Association World Heavyweight title (1947);
  • National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight title (1956);
  • (Toronto) British Empire title(1942-60s);
  • (Toronto) Canadian Tag Team titles (15 - 1950s);
  • (Toronto) International Tag Team titles (1960s);

  • England:
  • 1936: Billy Watson wrestled in England along with fellow Canadians Al Kormann and Tiger Tasker..
  • Billy Watson was given the name "Whipper" by newspapers in England after adopting 'the irish whip' as one of his moves..
  • July 1940: Billy Watson and his first wife, Patricia, left England just as the WWII was starting up, and returned to North America..

  • Whipper Watson began wrestling at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1940, starting a long relationship with promoter Frank Tunney..
  • Whipper Watson was one of the first wrestlers to cross into mainstream celebrity becoming one of Toronto's most popular citizens..
  • February 21, 1947: Whipper Watson defeated "Wild" Bill Longson for the NWA World title and lost it to Lou Thesz two months later..
  • November 12, 1953 - Toronto: Billy Watson & Yvon Robert wrestled Al & Tiny Mills with Boxing Champion Joe Louis as referee..
  • March 15, 1956: Whipper Watson defeated Lou Thesz to recapture the NWA World title, but lost it back to Thesz on November 9, 1956..
  • Whipper Watson best-remembered matches may be a series against Gorgeous George in 1959..
  • ~~~The feud led to both George and his wife/valet having their head shaved in the ring after Watson defeated George..
  • Whipper Watson was very active in the offices of the NWA: Maple Leaf (Toronto) territory along side Frank Tunney..
  • Billy Watson continued to wrestle in Toronto until November 1971 (age 55), when he nearly lost his left leg after being hit by a car..
  • Billy Watson did have a series of bouts against The Sheik in Maple Leaf Gardens, which Watson always lost by DQ or countout..
  • 1970s: Billy Watson mostly wrestled in tag matches..

  • November 30, 1971: Billy Watson was injured when a car slid into him and nearly severed his leg ending what had been a 40 year career..
  • ~~~Billy Watson retired after the accident but still made appearances at shows to promote his protege Dewey Robinson..
  • 1978: There was a "Whipper Watson Appreciation" Event promoted in Toronto at the Maple Leaf Gardens
  • Billy Watson held an annual Easter Seals skate-a-thon at the Toronto Gardens..
  • February 4, 1990: Billy Watson died after suffering a heart attack while in Florida..