Wrestler/Manager: Billy Spears
Real Name: Billy Spearman
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Marital Status:
Height & Weight:
Trained by:
Previous Gimmicks: Sardo
Mighty Blue Yankee #2
Finishing Move: The Boston Crab
Favorite Moves: Cheap Shots
The Bodyslam
Notable Feuds: Vince Lopez
Tex McKenzie
Tony Nero
The Super Assailant
Tony Romano
Bull Dromo
Roberto Soto
Paul DeMarco

  • Gulf Coast Tag Team titles -as the Mighty Blue Yankees- w/Curtis Smith ();

  • Billy Spears lost an eye when he was hit with a belt buckle in the face by an angry fan..
  • Billy Spears was one of the wrestlers who was shown in the film "Wrestling Queen", about Vivian Vachon..
  • Billy Spears often provoked riots in the South and had to wait for hours in the locker room before leaving to insure safety..
  • November 2004: Rumors that Billy Spearman passed away at age 72 in Jacksonville turn out to be 100% completely false..