Wrestler: Billy Lyons
Real Name: William Lyons
Hometown: Dundas, Ontario
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 6'2", 240 pounds
Trained by:
Debut: 1959
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: Tomahawk Chop
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:

  • NWA (San Francisco) World Tag Team titles w/The Destroyer 1965;
  • Asian Tag Team titles (Japan) w/The Destroyer 1965;
  • NWA Texas Heavyweight title 1967;
  • NWA (Texas) American tag champion w/Fritz Von Erich 1968;
  • NWA (Oklahoma) United States Tag Team titles w/Tom Jones 1971;
  • NWA (Oklahoma) United States Tag Team titles w/Bill Watts 1971;
  • NWA (Texas) American Heavyweight title 1972;
  • NWA Texas Tag Team titles w/Red Bastein 1972;
  • International Tag Team titles (Toronto), w/Dewey Robertson 1974-78 (3-times);

  • 1959: Billy Lyons began wrestling in Toronto, Canada..
  • William Lyons was "Billy Red" to wrestling fans because of his red hair..
  • Billy Lyons formed a memorable tag team with Red Bastein, calling themselves "The Fabulous Redheads" or "The Flying Redheads"..
  • Billy Lyons was also a frequent tag partner of "Cowboy" Bill Watts..
  • 1960s: Billy Lyons was billed as British Empire champion while wrestling in the AWA..
  • 1965: Billy Lyons teamed with The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) and won the San Fransisco World Tag Team titles..
  • 1965: Billy Lyons & The Destroyer also won the Japanese Tag Team titles..
  • Billy Lyons was successful throughout the U.S. -- particularly in Texas and Oklahoma..
  • 1974-78: Billy Lyons wrestled in a tag team with Dewey Robertson (aka Missing Link) as the Crusaders in Toronto..
  • 1984: Billy Lyons retired from the ring..
  • After his retirement, he joined the offices of Frank and Jack Tunney, Toronto's long-time promoters..
  • Billy Lyons hosted WWF's Maple Leaf Wrestling (in Canada), with his famous catch phrase was "Don'tcha dare miss it!"
  • Billy Lyons is the real life brother-in-law of The Destroyer (Dick Beyer)..