Wrestler: "Wild" Bill Irwin
Real Name: Barney Irwin
Hometown: Duluth, Minnesota
Marital Status: Married
Height & Weight: 6'1" - 250 lbs
Trained by: Scott Irwin
Debut: 1979
Previous Gimmicks: The Goon (WWF)
Finishing Move: Superplex
Favorite Moves: Bearhug
Notable Feuds: Black Bart (WCCW)

  • NWA (Kansas City) Central States Tag Team titles;
  • (Dallas) World Class Television title (4);
  • (Dallas) World Class Texas Heavyweight title;
  • (Memphis) Southern Heavyweight title;
  • (Tennessee) Southern Tag Team titles;
  • NWA (Dallas) American Tag Team titles (5);
  • GWF (Global Wrestling Federation) Tag Team titles;
  • GWF (Global Wrestling Federation) Brass Knuckles title;
  • BDPW (Dallas) Heavyweight title (3);
  • BDPW (Dallas) Tag Team titles;
  • BDPW (Dallas) Brass Knucks title;

  • "Wild" Bill Irwin formed a very dominant tag team with his brother, Scott Irwin..
  • ~~~Scott & Bill Irwin worked under masks as "The Super Destroyers" in Texas, managed by Skandor Akbar..
  • ~~~Scott & Bill Irwin also worked as a team known as "The Long Riders" in Montreal's International Wrestling..
  • September 28, 1985 - AWA SuperClash: Jumbo Tsuruta & Giant Baba & Genichiro Tenryu beat Harley Race & Bill & Scott Irwin..
  • April 20, 1986 - AWA WrestleRock: Curt Hennig & Scott Hall defeated Bill & Scott Irwin to retain the Tag Team titles....
  • Mid-90s: Bill Irwin had a brief stint in the WWF, using a hockey player gimmick, named "The Goon"..
  • Wild Bill Irwin currently runs a wrestling school in Duluth, Minnesota..