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Wrestler: Big Dick Dudley
Real Name: Alex Rizzo
Birthday: 1968
Hometown: Suffolk, New Jersey
Billed from Dudleyville?
Marital Status: Formerly-married to Elektra
Height & Weight: 6'3" - 285 lbs
Trained by: Johnny Rodz
Debut: 1994
Previous Gimmicks: Alexander the Great (ICW)
Finishing Move: The Big Dick Driver
Favorite Moves: Chokeslam
Total Penetration
Notable Feuds: Damien Steele (XPW)
The Hierarchy (XPW)

  • USA Pro Heavyweight title (2);
  • USA Pro Tag Team titles w/Psycho Sam;
  • XPW World Heavyweight title;

  • Extreme Championship Wrestling:
  • Jul 07, 1995 - ECW: The Dudley Boyz (Big Dick, Little Snot & Dudley Dudley) make their first appearance in ECW..
  • Jul 15, 1995 - ECW: The Pitbulls & Tommy Dreamer beat Raven & The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh/D-Von/Big Dick) handicap match...
  • Mar 16, 1996 - ECW: Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Big Dick Dudley beat Bad Crew..
  • Apr 13, 1996 - ECW: JT Smith & Damien Stone beat Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Big Dick Dudley..
  • Jun 22, 1996 - Hardcore Heaven: The F.B.I. beat Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Big Dick Dudley via DQ when D-Von Dudley interferes..
  • Aug 24, 1996 - Natural Born Killaz: Big Dick Dudley & Buh Buh Ray Dudley d. D-Von Dudley & Axl Rotten..
  • Apr 13, 1997 - Barely Legal: Big Dick Dudley makes his return to ECW and takes a botched chokeslam off the balcony!
  • May 10, 1997 - Chapter 2: Big Dick Dudley & D-Von Dudley beat The Gangstas (Mustafa Saed & New Jack)..
  • Aug 09, 1997 - Born to be Wired: Buh Buh Ray/D-Von/Big Dick Dudley beat Axl Rotten/Balls Mahoney/Hack Myers via pinfall..
  • Sep 18, 1997 - ECW TV: John Kronus defeated Big Dick Dudley via pinfall..
  • Feb 21, 1998 - CyberSlam: Balls/Axl/Sandman beat Kronus/NewJack/Spike & Dick/BuhBuh/DVon in a triangle match..
  • May 05, 1998 - Matter of Respect: Sandman/Dreamer/Spike beat Big Dick/BuhBuh/DVon in a "Stairway to Hell" match..
  • Jun 06, 1998 - ECW: Jack Victory/BuhBuh/DVon/Big Dick beat Sandman/Dreamer/NewJack/Spike in a Cage match..
  • Jul 18, 1998 - ECW: Big Dick Dudley pins Spike Dudley..
  • Jul 27, 1998 - ECW: Big Dick, Buh Buh Ray, & D-Von Dudley beat Atsushi Onita/Sandman/Tommy Dreamer..
  • Aug 02, 1998 - HeatWave: Sandman/Spike Dudley/Tommy Dreamer beat Big Dick/Buh Buh/DVon Dudley in a Dudleyville Street Fight..
  • Dec 19, 1998 - ECW: The Dudley Boyz (Big Dick/Buh Buh Ray/D-Von) beat Mike Lozansky, Rod Price, & One Man Gang..
  • Early 1999: Big Dick Dudley departed from Extreme Championship Wrestling..

    Xtreme Pro Wrestling:
  • July 31, 1999: Big Dick Dudley made a shocking debut in XPW along side Jasmine St. Claire attacking Damien Steele..
  • ~~~This led to Damien Steele w/Kristi Myst & Nicole Bass defeating Big Dick Dudley in a steel cage match..
  • ~~~Jasmine St Claire came out and turned on Big Dick, helping Damien win the match, then they turned on Kristi Myst!
  • Sep 24, 1999 - XPW: Johnny Webb defeats Big Dick Dudley & Damien Steele in a Three Way Dance..
  • Sep 25, 1999 - XPW: Big Dick Dudley defeated Johnny Web & Damien Steele in a Three Way Dance rematch..
  • Oct 29, 1999 - Halloween in Hell: Big Dick Dudley beats Jake Lawless, then participated in a "Battlezone" Battle Royal..
  • ~~~Big Dick Dudley had a fireball thrown in his face by John Kronus and was sent to the hospital..
  • Dec 18, 1999 - Merry X-Mas: Big Dick Dudley w/Kristi Myst beat "The Real Deal" Damien Steele via pinfall to win the XPW title!
  • ~~~Big Dick stated the match with gauze covering his eyes and one hand cuffed behind his back..
  • Jan 29, 1999 - Abuse of Power: Big Dick Dudley is striped of the XPW title by Lizzy Borden after Dick was arrested..

    USA Pro Wrestling:
  • Early 2000: Big Dick Dudley resurfaces in USA Pro Wrestling in Pennsylvania..
  • Feb 03, 2000: Big Dick Dudley pins Sgt. Slaughter to win the USA Pro Heavyweight title..
  • April 19, 2000 - Gary Albright Memorial Show: The Headshrinkers beat Hungarian Barbarian & Big Dick Dudley..
  • Jun 02, 2000: Big Dick Dudley was stripped of the USA Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title..

    Xtreme Pro Wrestling:
  • Jun 17, 2000 - Vengeance: Big Dick Dudley returned to XPW attacking The Black Army, led by Rob Black..
  • Nov 11, 2000 - Dismembered in November: Sabu defeated John Kronus & Big Dick Dudley in a three way dance..
  • Jan 17, 2001 - New Year's Revolution: TOOL w/Louis Cypher pinned Big Dick Dudley after piledriver on a steel chair..
  • Feb 03, 2001 - Payback's a Bitch: Big Dick Dudley beat the colossal Lester (aka Supreme) via pinfall..

    USA Pro Wrestling:
  • Feb 18, 2001: Psycho Sam & Big Dick Dudley beat The Boogie Knights (Buff E. & Mace) to win the USA Pro Tag Team titles..
  • February 18, 2001 - USA Pro Wrestling: The Sandman w/Missy Hyatt fought Big Dick Dudley to a draw..
  • Mar 23, 2001 - Championship Wrestling Federation: Big Dick Dudley beat The Equalizer in a Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight..
  • May 04, 2001: The Boogie Knights d. Psycho Sam in a handicap match to recapture the USA Pro Tag Team titles..

    Xtreme Pro Wrestling:
  • Mar 17, 2001: Big Dick Dudley beat KRAQ -- Pogo the Clown beat Big Dick Dudley in the same night..

    USA Pro Wrestling:
  • May 08, 2001: Big Dick Dudley beat Tommy Cairo & Axl Rotten in a "Hardcore 3Way Dance" to win the USA Pro Heavyweight title..
  • Jun 03, 2001: Big Dick Dudley was stripped of the title..

    Alex Rizzo RIP:
  • May 16, 2002: Alex Rizzo is found dead in his Copiague, NY apartment at the age of 34 due to Kidney Failure..
  • June 8, 2002: USA Pro Wrestling held "The Big Dick Dudley Memorial Brawl,"
  • ~~~Psycho Sam Dudley won The Big Dick Dudley Memorial Royal Rumble..
  • June 10, 2005 - Hardcore Homecoming: Johnny Grunge, Gary Wolfe & Tammy Sytch participated in a tribute to wrestlers who died..
  • ~~~RIP: Louie Spicolli, Road Warrior Hawk, Rocco Rock, Big Dick Dudley, Pitbull #2, Eddie Gilbert and Chris Candido..
  • June 12, 2005 - ECW One Night Stand: "Pitbull" Gary Wolfe introduced a tribute to ECW wrestlers who have died since ECW closed..
  • ~~~RIP to Rocco Rock, Terry Gordy, Mike Lockwood, The Sheik, Mike Lozanski, Pitbull #2, Big Dick Dudley, Chris Candido..